Lunar Mission (IOS & Android)

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  • johnsmith Loving the game. Playing it on Android. How did you get interstitial ads with countdown?

    Hi jook00, thank you

    about the ads,

    I have 1 variable "ads_counter" =3

    _On start of layout

    __ads_counter is less or equal 0 -> show interstitial

    __else -> substract 1 from ads_counter

    _On interstitial shown -> reset ads_counter value

    So every 3 layout start an interstitial is shown

  • johnsmith Oh thanks! Which ad service are you using? Not Admob?

  • Yes i'm using Admob (along with

  • Nice artwork, looks really nice

  • Nice work,. It's amazing

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  • Thank you guys

  • Amazing Game. So many downloads already, and you have just started!

  • Excellent job your game reaching 100,000 downloads proves the right idea, great graphics and Construct 2 makes for success stories. I think your game can pull it off and get 1 million downloads.

    Also its made this list of successful Construct 2 games that I made, only the best.

  • I love the graphics. The controls are really nice and smooth.

  • Congrats Really nice game and graphics well done,

    just to let you know that I test it on iphone 6 and on the first try I fly up and when the spaceship was going down the ship turned around to the opposite side and landed like that, i couldnt move becouse the impulse was pushing to the ground angle, so i couldnt find any button to reset the level or anything like that, i had to log of and in again

    And the second thing when the add showed there is no way to close it down even i waited a few minutes and nothing, i had to log of and in again, this happened twice with the same add, and the last try i log out and in many times the add was still stack on the screen

    i thought just to let you know because can make the the players frustrated, wish you all the best i hope you get huge succes

    Edit : Still happening the problem with the add, there is no way to close it down and carry on playing this time with different add

  • Thank you Tarek2

    The iOS version is very old and I'm still trying to update it but keep running into problems with iOS 10... I'm now using IntelXDK instead of which fixed some of the problems so far (like the ads) but still have troubles with sounds...hopefully I'll find a fix soon.

  • Good game, rated 5 stars in play store.

    What plugin do you use for the pop up ads?

  • Thank you RickUSBstick !

    It's admob, so CocoonAds plugin ( with or the default admob plugin with intelxdk.

  • Hi,

    Just a quick post to let you know that the update is finally live on the App Store !

  • Great game, I like it a lot. I played with the Scout and Cargo for now. I hope you add more missions soon. You could expand your ideeas and create other obstacles and puzzles.

    Graphics are good, you choosed some nice colors matching perfectly.

    I'm curious, how many sprites are you using for creating the enviro (that the ship can collide with), with how many collisions per sprite ,approximately. I see that you use the physics behavior.

    Good luck !

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