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  • Hi folks,

    LD30 was my first Ludum Dare, and I learnt a lot of important lessons very quickly. One of the things that struck me as a waste of the very limited amount of time one has in a game jam, is the creation of core, menu and basic UI elements, so I decided to make a template that has all of this kind of content in it.

    Download the capx here [3.5MB, version r180].

    Here's what it contains:

    • A number of standard C2 plugins already loaded like keyboard, mouse, function, WebStorage, etc.
    • A short fade in/out splash screen.
    • A menu system that accepts keyboard, mouse or gamepad input.
    • An options screen for disabling music and/or sound effects. This is stored in WS.
    • Very basic navigation like exit screen, go to game screen, pause in-game (escape key), etc.
    • Some simple audio for example purposes only.

    It makes heavy use of reusable code, functions and families. This template is not suitable for beginners, but it's thoroughly commented. It may very well not be the most efficient or cleanest way to do a number of things, but it contains a few tricks that I've learnt over time and I think it will be a great help to anyone who wants to cut an hour or two off their development sessions.

    Yes, you are permitted to use templates and code bases for Ludum Dare (and probably other game jams). However, you are required to declare and share anything of the sort. You must however remove the audio and graphics already in the project.

    Please feel free to download, share, modify and otherwise use this template as you see fit. Just don't duplicate it and claim it as your own. You're free to use this template for any project, not just game jams, commercial or otherwise.

    If you have any suggestions for additions (or you'd like to contribute directly), or bug reports, please share your ideas in this thread.

  • Thank you very much, this will be very useful!

    my suggestion is to make a loading layout, because right now i'm kinda in the dark on that one.

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  • Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing.

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