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  • Hello. I posted a few days ago that I finished my first game but I haven't received any feedback on it yet. If you would be willing to play and give me some feedback I would really appreciate it.

    A.314 Exposed is a strategy puzzle game. The objective is to destroy a virus before it breeches containment and infects the worlds population. Observe cells and viruses to discover their strengths and weaknesses then effect them with media such as heat, cold, plasma and radiation. Upgrade containment systems, create theoretical antidotes, expose test subjects, release antibodies, unlock extremely powerful effectors and more. Do whatever you can to destroy the virus before it breeches containment!

    I've uploaded a web version here:


    Keep in mind that like most html5 games, it only works well in chrome.

    There's also the windows version (which I was developing for) that you can download from the link in my signature if you would like.

    PS - The game is designed for and therefore easiest to use on touch screen desktops and laptops, but it will work with a mouse as well.

    Thank you,


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  • After tryin around here and there i finally get how it works, although i guess the observer feature doesn?t work (just a very tiny brackte, where i wasn?t able to discover the weakness....seems to be violet all the time.

    i like the loads of features, like achievements, shop etc, but the interface needs to be way more intuitive i guess. it?s soem kind of overloaded :)

    Nevertheless this is a real good start and I guess it has potential, especially on mobile.

    have a good one!

  • Beaverlicious The How To Play section isn't interactive, it's a slideshow that shows how to play. To play the game press New Game :)

    EDIT: Also for the observations, once you make them you can click on View Observations to review them, you don't have to try to memorize everything.

  • works nice here

    i think you just need a rework the interface design to make it more intuitive of what can and cannot be interactive and a better and simpler explanation of the mechanics

    other than that nice game, very creative :]

  • valdarko Thank you for the advice. I'm trying to think of how I can do that so I can implement it. Currently the way I have it the effectors are bordered in red if they are deactivated and green if active. Most of the other icons are for reference (if something is upgraded or not). Perhaps I can figure out another way to show those. Currently they are blue if active and orange if not. Any ideas how I can improve the interface?

  • Burvey

    use opacity to show active e non active effects

    avoid too much degrade effects on menu objects

    icons with more simple symbols can contrast with the art style you choose for the other elements

    the game just need a little more organization in the visual elements

  • Thank you. I'll continue working on it. Any other feedback out there, please?

  • Hello Burvey I downloaded and played your game and I understand that core mechanics are in place and you have a nice ground for any other improvements or content additions in future if you so wish.

    The only thing I can advice would be on what people call polish, firstly, as adviced by friends above, in the interface design. Though if you ask for specific information, I would not be able to deliver as I am not any sort of artist. But googling for interface design may be a start, as well as asking for specific help on the forums. But even before all these, you should have a clear design goal in your mind - if you don't already have one. Like a color palette, a standard system for icons, placement... I understand you are targetting handhelds, so character sizes, icon/button sizes all come into consideration here. It took several seconds and attempts to understand that I had no tokens and thus I am unable to upgrade my skills, even though token amount indicator was conveniently placed just because it's not correct size and/or color. The token amount is the most important thing in that screen (upgrade shop) so it should be the most noticable somehow. I would also suggest to move away from the edges of the screen a little bit more for everything that is on the screen. Not much, but some.

    Of course it's better if all these support a master theme. ie you can go for sterilized/facility look and feel of Portal games, or steampunk look, or just cartoonishly cute looks and feels.

    Next up is sound and music and you are almost done. Currently there is a lack of rythim in the game, something in the background that needs to tell the player something is happening or nothing is happening at all. Like a rythmic music that is increasing the tempo as the timer runs out (if there is a timer that is) or just a looming sound like a cave echoing that feels like the game is waiting for input from the player. Of course all these sounds and musics should be in coherence with the theme you selected first.

    I am sorry I just talked (typed?) alot but your game looks so fundamentally complete - or ready to completion - that may have been exposed to some A.314/excitement :)

  • Windwalker Thank you very much for your input. I'm going to try to implement as many of the changes as I can to improve the layout as well as add a more interactive how to play feature. I really want to make the game as good and playable as possible. All the feedback is great.

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