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    Create your character. Decorate your house. Chat with users around the world. Take care of your little tree fruit and earn money recolectndo off.

    LittleHabbo! In LittleHabbo You MUST take care of your house and your character, buy furniture to decorate your home, find gifts with a choice Online, Chat with other users of the game ...Come on, a little world of fun awaits you!

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  • Was this made with construct 2? I'm guessing no.

  • Other engines were used for development, but was also used Construct 2.

  • Looks great,,,,

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  • So, basically, you are selling a game that uses sprites and tiles from another commercial game ?

    What kind of sorcery is this ?

  • Albatr You need the wand of spamming and a law suit to be able to cast this one...

  • LittleHabbo is being designed under permits Sulake.

    LittleHabbo has been designed BY MI from 0.

    All code is written and developed by me.

    LittleHabbo has nothing to do with the versions of, ...

    A greeting.

  • Oh, I would love to hear how you obtain permissions from such prolific companies, notorious for being extremely protective of their respective game licenses.

    After the success of your (strangely licensed by nintendo) mario game (of which there are no mentions anywhere in the internet), a mere week after release and with no playtesting (judging by the responses you received in that thread), you obtained the license to develop this game, which you release mere days after announcing!

    Surely that's why they picked your company to develop those titles... I mean, such a fast work cycle!


    Seriously, everyone keeps asking you to be careful or you might be hit with a lawsuit, but to each their own I guess...

  • Just search on Google homebrew game which came to have several names for their version changes: HabboPSP-Virtuabbo.

    The game developed for PSP, also using Sulake permits.

    The game was developed in 2007.

    With over 100,000 downloads.

    You just have to search google to see that it came to Japanese websites.

    From 2007 to this day have not received any demand.


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