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  • It's been a little over a year since I last used Scirra Construct, I used the first Construct then, though.

    Anyway, I made this little thing, it's my first time using C2 and I made it in about an hour. It gave me an idea for a game I'm planning on making this summer, but I doubt I'll do it since I have alot of other things I like to do, like make music and draw.

    ANYWAY, here's

    the link.

    And here's my general idea for the game:

    Game occurs in cycles: If you fail, you have to begin a new cycle.

    Gameplay: 4/5ths of the game will have you collecting resources, assets, and gaining alliances to help you in the final battle. The final of the game is going to be RTS-like gameplay with non-direct control.

    Before the End-Game: I'm to have at least 50 phases (hopefully 100), each phases offers a number of choices that can make alliances, gain assets/resources, and help develop your plan to stop the cycle.

    Resources/Assets/Alliances give you more unit types, credits (helps in forming alliances, uprade unit types, and is used to buy units in the end-game), and different plans to develop to stop the threat.

    The End-game: The only combat in the game. Like I said, It's going to have indirect RTS-like combat. Meaning you have to mirco-manage somethings, but units act on their own. The success of the end-game relies on your stragety prowess, the credits you've gained, and how you used your Resources/Assets. You NEED to develop a plan to stop the threat, since pure military strenght wiill only buy the plan you developed time to go ahead with it.

    Endings: Depending on how you won or lost, and your alighnment (alignment is determined by the choices you make before the end-game.

    New Cycle +: This'll probably be one of the last things I put in it if I do make it. If you actually do stop the cycle (I'll try to make that hard as possible), you'll unlock this mode. Which will have 10 Extra Phases (that will contain alliances with new unit types, and a new plan for stopping the threat, along with regular oppotunites to gain resources/assets. Which means a new ending, and more guys to kill things with.

    Basically a combination of Mass Effect 3(story-wise, making alliances/collecting assets and resources), Infinity Blade (The Bloodline system), Starcraft/Plants Vs. Zombies/Sins of A Solar Empire (Combat),

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