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  • Hey there everyone!

    I'm new around these parts but have been using C2 for a bit now, just never had the time to register on the forum and join this amazing community.

    Take a look at my work in progress over here:

    I know its still fairly unpolished (and there might be a couple of bugs left) but yeah, I hope it's enjoyable. There are 4 levels to beat right now, control are explained ingame!

    I'm using a couple of custom coded plugins for some visual mechanics here. Also working on a multiplayer implementation using a plugin that I've just coded now (I'll pub it on github whenever it is ready, plugin + server code). Needless to say, C2 is amazing! Just wish I had some more time to work on the game haha.

    Feedback is welcome!


  • Nice work, glad you gave him plenty of 'lives' <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I kept getting killed but great work.

  • Hey there Talkinghead.

    Thats a nice start! The game runs so smooth it is definately pleasant to play. I like the graphic style, with some polish it will look nice. Well done.

    Something i noticed while playing, the double jump doesnt work if your touching a wall and trying to jump. (There is a part on stage 3 with the 2 spikes close together that looks like you could double jump to get up early instead of having to keep going to get up the other way.)

    And just my 2cents, i like the lighting effect but i think it would look better if you could still see outside the lighted area dimly, like it was in heavy shading. (Actually on my second play the lighting grew on me, i think if you changed the background colour to something more nightish, dark blue, or a grey it would be nicer, the bright background makes me think day and the lighting night). Sorry to ramble just trying to give good feedback.

    Oh and P.S - that multplayer plugin sounds AMAZING! Cant wait.

  • Oh and P.S - that multplayer plugin sounds AMAZING! Cant wait.

    what he said.

  • Very nice game. I personaly think the "Midair" Level is to tough...

  • A difficult game


    Also if you are a fan of difficult games be sure to check the game in my signature

  • Very nice game, Has a nice feeling whilst playing :).

    You said you made some custom plugins that you are using in the game, What are they doing? Im very interested :)

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  • cute, to cute <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .

  • Lovely game! It has a nice feeling :)

  • Happy new year everyone!

    Thanks for the kind words, it's really encouraging.

    About the difficulty levels, I'm actually deliberately going for something resembling super meat boy, difficulty wise at least. Here's a good article by Ed McMillan as a point of reference (they have pretty cool game design advice over there, so worth a read).

    Of course the important part is to make the game challenging/difficult without it seeming to be the game's fault. Basically, being difficult without being annoying, which needless to say is a hard task.

    My idea here is to make each level rewarding to the player. Each level will have unlockable items, the game will also feature some RPG elements (the player will be able to spend some of the stars that were previously collected on some abilities and so on at the end of each level) and a couple of other things.

    Level design is also something very important. Meat boy for example feature very short and kinda "to-the-point" levels. I might try to emulate this somehow.


    Thanks a lot for the very thoughtful reply! Thanks for pointing out the double jump thing, I'll fix this by allowing wall jumps in later versions. I've also thought a lot about the "darkness" that surrounds the player. I've actually tried changing the background to something a little less bright, however I didn't really like the outcome as the colours seemed a little washed out. I will probably go for a more transparent look to the fog, thanks for the suggestion.

    Cheers guys, btw I'm almost ready with my little multiplayer demo, I'll be posting something in the coming days.

  • talkinghead, what are your custom plugins doing for you?

  • The look are great, but perhaps you could also set normal arrows inputs.

    Good work.

  • Great work so far, and I am definitely getting a Super Meat Boy vibe from both the level design (where you are forced to jump directly toward a face of spikes and land JUST in front of it) also the little particles (sweat??) coming from the character are somewhat reminiscent of MB's blood. (eh?)

    I also think you've got a pretty interesting visual style going on, and while I do like the vignette�perhaps it ads to the difficulty�it does obscure what seems to be some pretty dig-able visual work. Maybe let it breathe more? Just a thought.

    Nice work!

  • MAn!

    Great Job!!

    a little dificult in some areas, i think with a little more work will be perfect!!!

    Good luck!!

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