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  •   Little Big Piano

    I have made this App because I couldn't find any good piano App on the App Store.

      • Choose a song from a continuously growing library. • Just tap to play. Best way to play on a touch device. • Handle the timings. • Helpful colorsystem (According to the note length) • The piano can also play automatically (just listen). • Learn and Play your favorite songs. • Play your own tune. • Suggest Songs. • For iPad and iPhone. (Universal App)

    Just try it out and enjoy. It's for free! Have Fun!

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  • wow, this was created with construct 2? its awesome.


  • Thanks

  • Update: Currently over 580 fantastic songs available. [July 7th 2015]

    Thank you for rating 5 Stars.

    Especially I am glad about comments like "It's one of the best piano apps out there, beats Tiny Piano into the ground!". Because that was my goal.

  • I've had little big piano for a few months now. The sound is awsome, but I have some real problems with it. 1) Most of the tunes are from computer games and cartoons. Because I don't use computer games or watch cartoons I'm unfamiliar with them. A lot of them are good tunes, all the same, it just seems to me that this app is aimed at children and teens. It would be nice if there were more pieces for us grown-ups, and it definitely needs more classical stuff! 2) Many of the tunes are incomplete--that is, there just intros or the first verse, and a lot of them have no endings. This frustrates me because I just get-into-it and the tune abruptly stops! My advice: if you're not going to put the whole song on there, don't put it on there at all. 3) Of the tunes I do know, ALL of them are not the original versions but rather your own personal take on them. This frustrates me because the tunes should be the original versions, and whoever did these is not so much a piano player as a piano banger! I don't want to play YOUR version--if I can't play my own I want to at least play the original. And 3). Most importantly, the only real reason I logged into this site is because I have sent a few messages to you on the app and haven't gotten a single reply. I would really appreciate some feedback on what I've just written. The only reason I got your app is because Tiny Piano changed the sound--it wasn't that great to begin with, but now it's really awful! He told me the new sound was not intensional and he plans on changing it. Personally, I think your app is better in most ways, but you just don't have the great selection of tunes that Tiny Piano has, and that's a huge strike against Little Big Piano.

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  • Little Big Piano is a fun app. Containing songs from different genres and ages. Of course, the most songs are from current media. Games and movies. The content cames from the users by song requests.

    I apologize, but this app has been suspended. The development was discontinued because this app was not very successful.

    Actual little big piano is completely for free, without advertising or other payments.

    Thank you for your understanding. I hope you have fun with Little Big Piano anyway.

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