My list of games that are ready to be released!

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  • Hello everyone,

    Here's a list of games we created that are ready to be released, if the performance on mobiles will change for the better, or the if things like multiplayer will work..

    1. Sushi Legend for mobile (Match 3 game, with bonusses)

    (performance issues)

    2. Meme Battlegrounds for mobile (multiplayer card game with memes)

    (multiplayer plugin does not work correctly)

    3. Driving game for mobile with fallout style graphics (2D)

    (performance issues)

    4. Hidden object game for mobile (this is the only one that has no issues besides filesize)

    (Filesize issues due to overhead and many images)

    5. Gem Break for mobile (Peggle style game with 100 levels and bonus upgrades)

    (performance issues)

    6. Bubble Wizard HD for mobile (pang style)

    (performance issues)

    7. Drum app with many different sounds and lots of settings (dosnt work due to audio lagg)

    (Audio issues, lagg)

    I'm hoping that sometime in the near future, we will be able to release these games.

    We also have around 5 apps that we haven't released because of missing features on CocoonJS

    Anyways, we have released about 6 apps and 2 games, so all is not bad!

  • Sushi Legend sounds really good! Want to see that on my phone sometime!

  • They all look pretty good! Great job! Hope you get the issues fixed! Keep it up!

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  • Looks like some cool stuff.

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