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    Free version:LinkPopLite

    This is my second C2 game.

    LinkPop is a casual puzzle game.The playing method is similar to a mix of asqare(picture matching game) and pop star.

    The number on the block shows the link range of this bolck.And touch the blocks one by one with the same color and pop them to get higher score.You need to find a best path to link more blocks.There are more than 40 puzzle Levels waiting for your challenge!Lighting up your brain!

    Pop mode:

    In this mode,player need to clear the blocks to get higher score.

    Puzzle mode:

    In this mode,player need to find a best path to clear blocks as possible as you can.

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  • Hi Nofish,

    I tried LinkPopLite on my iPhone 3GS and I find your game is good

    Concerning the gameplay itself, I had to try the games about 3 to 5 times before getting in the feel of the game. Perhaps because I'm not big fan of "3 colors matching games", what your game is not but I thought it was at a first look And I did start in Pop mode, as Puzzle mode was easier for me to get the mechanics of the game.

    At level 4 I wondered how the gameplay could evolve, and I was answered at level 5 I hope there will be a lot of new blocks like this modifying gameplay little by little.

    Technically speaking, it is well designed and polished, pleasant The interface, animations and transitions are great. I think I'm at 20 or 30 fps max. On the 3GS, reactivity is correct although there is a very little "lag" after each touch on a tile. It's ok to play with, but I wonder if it's like this in the gameplay and/or the JS wrapper or the perfs of HTML5 on the 3GS.

    Anyway, I would put your game in the featured games of C2


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