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  • Hi C2 Communitie

    I have been developing a game with Construct 2 and now it's finally complete!



      · Beautiful HD graphics · Compatible with and optimized for tablets · Game mode easy to learn, hard to master · Three game modes (Arcade, Time Trial and Minesweeper) · Improve your gaming profile with 18 achievements · Challenge your friends, beat their scores and become the champion of the leaderboard · No full screen ads


      · AdmobAds · AJAX · PhonegapGame · PhonegapIAP · WebStorage · XML

    So, if you have a question about how I used those objects, I would be glad to answer it!

    If you could rate the game it would be incredibly helpful to me


  • Rated 5 stars!

    Thanks for joyable game!

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  • cranberrygame

    Thank you so much!

  • Absolutely love it! Also the cute little music is a huge plus. Kept me playing for a while haha.

    Just one note, you might want to pick a more unique name for your game next time. It was quite hard to search for this by entreing his name directly.

    I had to go through searching for your company name to find this game.

    Other than that, well done and keep it up!

    Rated it 5 star

  • ikke2902

    Well, thank you so much for your support!

    I'm glad you liked it!

    It's really hard to choose a background music for this kind of games (at least for me) but I think the music does the job.

    But harder than find a music is to find a cool, simple & funny name. Thanks for your advice.

    Again, thank you so much!

  • I hope you can reset your score, or create another leaderboard...

    Rated 5 anyway!

  • doomredmage

    What do you mean by create another leaderboard?

    Thanks! YEY! 5 stars!

    BTW, I did the same with your game :9

  • Iolva

    I thought your score was very high, but now I noticed how the combos increase the score.

  • It's simple and fun. Good game!

  • Good game. I'm just missing button to check leaderboards. As it's now, I can check my score only after playing a game. It could be on the start screen or in the options menu with achievements.

  • Noga

    Right now, after you finish any game mode you can see that game mode leaderboard

    I'm usign cranberrygame PhonegapGame plugin, and right now it does not support "show multiples leaderboards at the same time". I talked with him, and he said it's in his to-do list


  • Iolva

    Ye, I remember the battle I had with it when trying to include it into my game.....

    I've solved it by using separate buttons for each leaderboard. That would mean 3 buttons in your case, not perfect, but it's working.

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