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  • Ok, this is a game i made using the

    Plugin. You should check it, it's very easy to use and has some great features. Now the game:

    Lil Pirate

    <img src="" border="0">

    "Yo-ho-ho! Shoot targets, catch gold and drink as much rum as you can! Be a Pirate!"

    "Lil Pirate is a greedy little man. Try to beat the best high-scores as you jump, shoot, catch and drink rum!

    Try to conquer in-game achievements to unlock the 9 crazy secret characters. Show your friends how good you are with the Facebook Wall high-score support.

    • LazyBay level;
    • 9 unlockable characters;
    • Achievements;
    • Online HighScore;
    • Post your HighScore on your Facebook wall.

    Future Improvements

    • More levels to add;
    • Each level will have its own characteristics, traps, enemies, achievements and even boss fights;
  • That was fun!

    Simple, but really addictive. I went crazy when I got the infinite jump power up, the game suddenly felt that much fast-paced.

    More game modes would be nice.

    Also would be nice to have some sort of adventure to go on. My idea would be to have a town, where you can buy power ups, and you get to part of this town to start the game. So it becomes quite immersive in the sense that you feel as though you're moving through a world, but in the end, its more like an interactive menu.

  • I really like this game!

    Can't wait for the improvements!

  • Thanks everyone. My plan was just release this game and if I would receive some positive feedback i would keep on working on it. Guess i will continue on it <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Rory , i noted down your idea, seems interesting. My idea was, in each every level has some different gameplay. For example, one level there are some cannons shooting at you while you try to do the objectives, other there are bosses, like a giant kraken and so on. Every level would have some achievements that would unlock new characters. But there is the Online Score, so to balance things every one should have the same ability, to be fair. That's why i didn't make every character with a different gameplay. But i will try to figure out some kind of upgrades that don't influence so much in the score result (Like, you customize the kind of Upgrades that spwan on the level, but you you have to buy then first)

    Anyways, i got some good feedback on it. So i going back to work. Thanks.

  • Great game. Looking forward to the updates.

  • A fun game, I'll see what's coming up ^^

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  • Ahoy!

    A really funny game!

    Even if it's boring to play with an AZERTY keyboard :s

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