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  • Hi!! This is my first C2 game (the first with a chance of ever being finished, that is). It can be seen here:

    I'll use this place as devlog, as others do. I would really appreciate any feedback about bugs, possible improvements, balancing, etc. Constructive criticism is much appreciated!

    Once it is polished around the edges I would like to put in on Kongregate and maybe other places. Thank you for playing!


    Just as a comment, people keep saying that this is a simle little game - which I like, this was the idea. But in fact some of the mechanics involved were a b**ch to implement. Some of the things that seem very simle require numerous conditions and events. I now really appreciate how much work do some of the other, more comlicated creations require.

  • I tried it :) and liked it.

    I liked the scroll book use, looked nifty.

    though, on the left side, when looking at tutorial, I saw the letters appearing half on top of the scroll roll. (perhaps shft appearing position a bit more to right)

    When playing, I had (for my feeling) a hard time hitting the items, it wasnt "easy targeting" if you catch my drift. Lots of times I thought hey I hit it, but missed.

    The green bottles, though I laughed pretty some turning into a frog, one run it happened about 5 times in a row ... -,-

    Nice game, I like the name of it, made me curious :)

  • Great! Thanks for the first comment and the feedback. I'll have a close look at the letters z-order or whatever is causing this. Most of the elixirs appear randomly so that can happen.

    The balancing is tricky - when the fruit fly too slow, the difficulty is just right when using a touchpad, but much too easy with a mouse or touch. I would rather have it balanced for touch/mouse than a touchpad but it's still an open matter.

  • Perhaps you can use "is on mobile device" to distinct which balance should get tipped ;)

  • UPDATE: I nerfed the difficulty because a single game lasted too short. Now the speed grows at a 0.3 slower rate and the frequency of shooting is reduced by 1 random second. Still have to find out what's causing the tutorial text to sometimes stop in mid way.

    PLANS: add more elixirs, add achievements and score sync with something more advanced than the Arcade.

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  • I like this, really simple nice idea

    potions I tended to avoid on further play through not worth the risk under the fruit barrage

    wish there was a score that came up when you die, all of the time i wondered how i got on and didnt get time to look at my score

    at first i thought it was glitchy then realised you have to be accurate with your clicks on the fruit, was left thinking that the lightning beam should hit, would be good for multiple kills etc with a single beam

    think the frog should be able to jump or something to avoid fruit death

    nice game all in all will play it again

  • Binkus - that's some really good ideas to improve it! I think I could actually implement all of this. I will need to nerf the difficulty further - so that it's more entertaining than stressful. I think the fruit will fly slower and less frequently. I was worried that the elixirs might not be worth the risk.

    Also great suggestion with the score - will make it appear along with the GAME OVER text. Thanks!

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