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  • Just finished up my 3rd game in the series I am doing for kids. I have 2 small kids (7 and 4) so I enjoy making games they like to play.

    Let's Spell

    Now I will begin the process of getting it on iOS, Droid, Windows 8, Chrome Store, Mac Store, BB10 etc. I love HTML5 :).

    Using webstorage and arrays I was able to make the Bonus room with prizes. The prizes are purchased from coins you earn while spelling words. Local webstorage was used to remember what prizes you have and how many coins you have.

    If you notice a bug or anything, please let me know.


  • GIRAFFE doesn't fit on the screen/window. Your worm looks more like a caterpillar, but I was only stumped for a few seconds! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Oh, thank you. Probably the only word of that length, so I missed it :).

    I'll see if I can find a better work picture hehe

  • Nice game ! , my son will love it , A landscaped tablet version would be better.

  • Updated the version on my site, fixing the Giraffe issue.

    why do you prefer landscape? Just curious really. Is it easier for your son to hold onto the tablet?

  • Yes, Holding is easier , also landscape mode feels better when using 2 hands and also when the screen size gets bigger similar to the TV.

  • ArcadEd I really enjoyed your game. I was searching for a tutorial of a spell check game, but the best thing I could find was your game. Do you think you can put in here the .capx file or write a tutorial? I'm sure lots of people would appreciate

    PS: I played on iOS and worked really well.


  • Cool, thank you!

    Since it's a retail project I really can't post the CAPX for obvious reasons, but if you are curious about any aspect of it, let me know and I would be happy to explain how I did it or post examples :).

  • if you can you make the letters glow or something when the cursor is over it? it just makes it look more appealing (for the kids ;P)

    That's if they plan on the computer lol.

  • Nice.

    A few things jump to mind:

    1. the letter font is all capitals - the words suggest early readers who generally use lower case only. Also a school friendly font would also be useful.

    2. the words and picture combinations would need to be quite clear. Generally you are restricted to concrete words only. i.e., easy to do "dog" not so easy to do "sunny" or "fast". In those case you need images that must be inferred.

    3. It would be cool if you had more of a game aspect to it. Build up something, if you make a mistake it comes crashing down. Or some other game element.

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  • Thanks for the comments everyone. I actually released this game a few months ago, but the thread was resurrected almeidamarcell's question. Thanks for the tip though, I might do an update including a few of them :).

    czar, I really like your #3. It's a great idea for a learning game, maybe I will use it sometime :).

  • Hi, ArcadEd, I'm glad you answered me, specially so quickly. Well, I'm really curious about it. I'm just a beginner with Constructor 2 and I'm still doing the beginners tutorials. I already made 4 of them. But If is not asking too much.. you could create a tutorial for it? Doesn't have to be complete as your game, but just to give us the idea. Or, if you think it would be easier, you could post examples, that would help me a lot too.


  • Well the biggest thing to learn in my opinion when doing games like this and my Word Search For Kids game is learning arrays.

    All of the jumbled words and answer keys are stored in arrays and then compared. Hopefully I will have some time once I finish up my fishing game to work on some more tutorials :).

  • All right, thanks for the tip. So learning arrays is a big thing.

    I can't wait until you create more tutorials. I looked at your channel on youtube and really liked. I already subscribed so I don't lose anything if you post a tutorial for a spell check game ;)

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