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  • Hi all!

    My name is Marcin. Here is my creation:

    Work title is "The Leprechaun"

    Work is in progress. I have started work around 6 months ago.

    Most graphics I done by myself. Music by MattOglseby. After 3 months I had creative crisis. Probably I need some motivation to back to my little project. Maybe new ideas. Let me know what do you think. Thank you.

    <img src="" border="0">

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  • Hey,

    great work on this.

    I really like your leveldesign and the arts.

    Huge level, just wondering if there is a finish anywhere or if i already made my way all around.

    The secret paths and hidden rooms are awesome!

  • Thank you.

    To finish this level you have to collect 100 Golden Coins and bring it to Bridge Troll. Good luck!

  • Ah alright, just was wondering what to do after i killed the wizzard :)

  • Well done [:)]

    After you kill the Evil Wizzard, you can free fairy.

    Hidden passage will bring you to level 3.

    Level 3 is not finished yet. To be honest - I don't have idea what to do next.

  • I give that fairy her wand and pass to another level. But somewhere on top left i stuck. There is a big mushroom and no where to go, even back because i could not jump that much. Most probaply it is the unfinished level three. Generally it is fun to play.

    You should keep going.

  • This is it. Well done. Thank you for playing.

  • Very detailed and game play is on point... Could see this on a console very easily...

    Great work

  • Q: What is your target?

    if kids - then it looks too serious

    if adults - they prefer Limbo, Super Meat Boy etc. style platformers

    anyway congratulations

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