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  • Update (10-04-2013)

    I've been working on my adventure game "LEAVING NIC'S VEGAS" for quite some time. Trying different (free) game-creating software. So my first question when I found C2 is can it be done (by me).

    And I guess the answer is: yes.

    A first preview can be found HERE

    A fullscreen version HERE

    The story, characters, locations and puzzles are all ready to be implemented.

    Summary:                                                 ??


    "Brat, our protagonist, who has a slight resemblance to Brad Pitt           is the son of a mobster/failed actor only known as The Don.

    He is on his way in his dad's private airliner to hollywood, to persue an acting career of his own.

    After this plane mysteriously crashes he finds himself in Las Vegas

    everywhere he looks he sees a guy named Nic

    (be it drinking himself to dead, or impersonating elvis).

    Brat has only one wish, one mission, one task:

    Leaving Nic's Vegas!

    Only Nic can help him, but is Nic willing to do so?"

    At this moment I'm mainly working on the graphics (especially animations), because I now believe I can get this game to work.

    The game should now be playable on touchscreen, that's why the next-button is there.

    (Due to an accident I'm currently unable to follow through on this project and will direct my attention at making games less graphically challenging)

    So I've started to learn 3D with blender, because it's easier to make graphics that way without the use of my right hand, and am beginning to upgrade the game-graphics. The preview is still the same, but I will try to upgrade it soon!

    Some examples of what I'm working on:

    <img src="http://sphotos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/555157_3084023796649_1632913017_n.jpg" border="0">

    I know Nic and Brat don't look right yet, but these renders give me hope they once will..

    <img src="http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/536010_3077735679450_348905307_n.jpg" border="0">

    First "rough" render of outside casino..

    <img src="http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/482704_3070271012838_1656918660_n.jpg" border="0">

    Examples of backgrounds I'm working on.

  • Seems really simple to make this game work on mobile. You can consider using only the "touch" command (in mouse compatible mode) to provide mouse and touch working at the same time so a easy way to test every device !. I try it on iphone ... impossible to play (probably no "touch" use) and the screen mode use seems not the best for a iphone4 but this test give me a good feeling when i look you start screen in retina display mode and no bars ... could be great. Look perhaps toward "1112" game which is like your game and really good, can give your more ideas. Perhaps avoid to display "next" in the button a simple arrow seems enough (think early about future translations ...)

    Good work !

  • Thanks nealian..

    The interface was specifically designed for touchscreen, but I haven't chanched the mouse-clicks to touch yet, because somehow I can't get the mouse compatible mode to work properly.

    You are probably right that the word "NEXT" isn't necessary and plus it doesn't fit the design.

    I'll have a look at "1112" and see if I like it.

    Thanks again!

  • Ok.. found the glitch..

    I can get touch to work as long as there are no more instances of mouse-click left..

    I'll change the whole lot and upload again..

    (Upload completed!)

  • Ok seems better, i can now play until i see a arrow going to "LAS VEGAS !" ... probably the next part is still to make ?! ... but i have always a problem with window mode use and my iphone ... no need the "Construct 2/Scirra advertising text" (future "Credits" screen is for that !)... why not trying the "scale" mode to have a autofit behaviour ? if this game is not in retina display + fullscreen mode, make real text choice for questions or answers is more done by a lucky "touch" ! (too little text on screen). In a future build some zooming feature will be good too to give some action like "movie" effect (specially when a special action is done and then unzoom when "next" event stop this action) ... so probably one layer on top for buttons (with no zooming) and layer on bottom for 2D scenes (with zooming). I think you have already done this 2 layers choice perhaps even more ! ;-p

    Always looking to your work, if i can help i do it ...

    About 1112, a video

    Subscribe to Construct videos now

    .. ;-p is done by french guys like me !

    About zooming effect you can see a example of little zooming effect in my project below (see my signature Compan360)... but for mobile or safari browser i make the choice to forget progressive zooming effect which make great fps drop ... so a simple zoom could be great waiting cocoonjs provide a huge fps boost to C2 games on mobile using native iOS/Android features.

  • Did you try the second link? the full screen one?

    Indeed right now it stops at the arrow, should have made a better ending, I know, but now that I've got most of the coding in a way that works expanding the story is just a matter of time..

    The zooming might indeed work, I'll look into that..

    I'm thinking of changing the conversation interface, which would solve the lucky touch problem..

    Also I've heard about aspect-ratio-problems for some people, so I'll look into that too..

    Thank you for your input!

  • Stupid i am ... i have don't seen your fullscreen version link !

    But in fact it's worse ... probably because you use a bug C2 version to do it ... so retina mode display black screen ... seems C2 R92 is the best for mobile or even perhaps before the stable R90 ... R93 is too buggy.

    Just another thing the hosting server you use "http://www.littlestain.com" don't recognize the appcache mime type as "appcache" but "text-plain" ... so seems users can have some problems downloading new update but i'm not an expert ! ... i just know that "dropbox" that i use don't have this problem !

    For the text you will probably display only one character speaking at a time as "1112" ... so bigger text and no touch accuracy problem ;-p

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  • Nice start! I love adventure games.

    1) I agree that you should get rid of the Next button. It is extremely annoying.

    2) There is a typo in the conversation with Nic -- change:

    stop waisting my...'hic'...-ing time...


    stop wasting my...'hic'...-ing time...

    3) When Brat tries to do something that doesn't work will you provide some feedback? For example, talk to the plane does nothing. Brat could say something touching to the plane like "Good-bye, old friend." or "I don't make a habit of speaking to inanimate objects."

    Hope to see more!

  • Hey Kittiewan,

    1- yes, I'm already working things out on that front.. Maybe I'll just change it to an on any click/touch event..

    2- Thanks, I'll change it, I'm not a native English speaker and although I get along quite well with the language stupid typos like that always slip in. I'll have someone testread the rest..

    3 Ofcourse I'll put in the "are you stupid or what"-jokes.. It's what makes clicking on everything fun in adventure-games, right? I just haven't gotten around to it yet, because the event-creating got in the way. (I've had to learn way too much for just this preview)

    Thanks for your comment, more will most certainly come!

  • Naelian,

    littlestain.com is my personal website which for me is easy to plant stuff on, but I do have a dropbox account somewhere, so I'll try that for future previews.

    Hmmm didn't know about the R93-flaws, just downloaded it today to be able to see a capx from someone, before I used R90..

    again: I'll see what I can do..

  • He is drunk ! so perhaps not speaking always without doing some faults ? ;-p ;-p

  • Yeah I was thinking the same thing actually, haha..

    But this had to be changed..

  • Don't loose time in mobile support for me ... i have a pc too ...

    Don't loose time reading my stupid posts !!! work ! ;-p

    But sure changing click for touch now it's good ... doing that too lately and it will be loosing more time ! ...

    "Every minute spend in game dev must be a think balanced choice !"

  • Yes sir naelian sir!

    I posted this here to see if there was a point in taking this game further and now I see there is.

    There's a few things (like the size stuff, touch stuff, readability stuff) I'd rather do reasonably well from the beginning than have to change all the code in the end. So, many thanks and I'll be checking in some time later with updates..

  • Just sent money via moneybooker to buy C2, so I can really get going in realizing the full game..

    hoping to update soon!

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