League of Pixels - 1vs1 MOBA with online mode!

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  • About 3 years ago, I started making a 2D MOBA with Consctruct 2

    The online mode of it is still very buggy and in a very early state, but it is playabele!


    Only the DOWNLOAD versions supports the online feature.

    Tell me what you think about it and write to me if you are interested in playing a test round!

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  • that's really great... and very ambitious!

    not to complicate things but design-wise having only 1 lane, it makes it very linear making it not very competitive or exciting (I'm talking game mechanics). For example, I played a lot of HOTS and they have Brawl Mode that has a ARAM mode like this.. but the only thing that makes it exciting is the different heroes people pick since it's 5v5. 1v1 is extremely limited on a 1 lane map. I guess I'm talking about making it more strategic, add 1 or 2 more lanes.

    I would also add some flair to the abilities, more pronounced sounds.. more drama etc..

    but overall amazing effort! I hope you keep it going!

  • jobel

    Thank you!

    Right now I'm solely focused on improving and polishing the online mode, clearer UI elements and "code" minimizing.

    After that's all done, I will going to look at some variety in the map. 2 Lanes might feel a bit overwhelming, since you are only 1 person... I don't want to add additional players untill I really have a fluid player base.

    The biggest point on why the lane is so linear and the jungle isn't offering anything was: I added the online mode only last week and I didn't want to put more efford into the BOT AI logic. ^^

  • If I were you I would perfect the map and 1 player mode.. set a modest goal, if you can reach that and sustain it, then move on to mp and 1v1.

    I like the idea of only making it a 1 player or 1v1. Perhaps you could do what they do in WC3 and have 1 player be able to control different heroes rathter than try to support a whole multiplayer architecture which honestly I don't think Construct is really meant to handle. I say keep it within the engine's reach. What you have is great, a boiled down moba. Keep it simple!

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