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  • LD32 theme: An unconventional weapon

    Use Sirkles to fight for you in the arena.

    Make money to cure and improve them, or even hire better ones.

    Play with the mouse or Touch input on supporting devices.

    Fullscreen button is in the top-left corner of each page.

    Be sure to leave feedback and enjoy.

    Ludum Dare Page

  • The music

    It is... so calm *-*

    while I did saw some little issues with it (bugs possibly), I liked it.

    I do not know how to leave feedback on the current ludum dare games there are though.

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  • Aphrodite: What are the issues you encounter ?

    Have you gone to a "Fight" ? Do you still think the music there is calm ?

    You can leave feedback either in this forum or on the game's page itself

    And by posting this message, this is already some feedback, thanks for it.

  • When you hire your first sirkle, if you click on his protrait, the buttons to start the match disappear.

    In game however, the music is not calm I will agree, but that menu music is so cute!

    No real issues ingame for now, had to figure out that waiting does regen both HP and Endurance, the combats feels more random than strategic but that is ok.

  • Thanks for the bug report Aphrodite, it should be fixed now.

    Thanks for the mention on the music(s)

    Indeed the "management" part is calm and soothing on purpose, since it's more a reflexion and "no stress" part of the game (although you don't want to be out of money with sirkles that can't fight).

    I'm a bit sad that fights feel random, as they not really are.

    The stats do play a role in each attack. It's a bit obfuscated indeed though.



    The formulas behind the game :

    Fast attack and Light defense rely on Speed, Strong attack and Heavy defense rely on Force.

    Attacks cause damages, Defense cause a reduction on those damages.

    Dodge makes a reduction based on speed + dodge stat

    Special deals damages based on speed + force + special stat




    Thanks again for the feedback

  • I think you did a great job on the game. I like how the look of the game is very consistent throughout giving it a finished feel. The game play was simple enough you could fumble around and learn along the way but not too simplistic. I thought the music and sound effects were perfectly chosen. Very nice indeed!

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