[LD32 Compo] Stoned Scarecrow

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  • Once again I am participating in this event, I like a lot, and like the other times I am always well broken at the end of 48 hours.

    Unlike the other two issues that participated last year, this theme was a more "easy" to work (at least I thought). Even though, it was not a breeze, I was the Saturday (18) practically all just laying the art concepts and rules of the game.

    On Sunday (19) left the images to be sliced, lively and arranged (do twice as many things that I did on Saturday), and also the code to give life to it all. In the end, only the sound part I was couldn't pay attention. Added some sound effects but could not develop a song in time.

    Link to game page

  • Great concept... looks very polished! Nice work

  • Haha nice idea! Graphics look great!

    Just a quick note, your game link above has an escaped "&" in it so it's an invalid link

    Great job on your entry!

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  • Thank you Blacksmith this idea came suddenly, has no explanation.

    And thanks broknecho for the tip, already fix the broken link.

  • Hi guys,

    the game now is starting to look more challenging and exciting, I'm still finishing a music and some new sound effects to add in the next updates.

    If you liked and want to stay up to date, follow me on twitter or add my website to your bookmarks gillenew.com

    Play the new version!

    Rate the compo version!

  • The game looks nice, although I would eliminate the "shoot" button and make shooting continuous and automatic.

    I think it would look nice on mobile.

  • The art is very good. This can really be something bigger

  • Wow, this is REALLY well made...

    Perhaps the most polished project I' ve seen here until now.

    One thing: I think the enemy' s projectiles should be a little smaller and of a different colour from players' projectiles, just my idea...

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