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  • Sword Arena

    Be a sword fighter, kill all your opponents.

    Play the game and please leave feedback.

  • Sorry, i don't like it at all, expect your music. Animation, graphics and controls are terrible. Is this an early prototype?

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  • JamesXXXYZ:

    It is a game jam game, so it is a game made in 48 hours.

    Graphics never were my forte. And the fact that you commit to an animation/attack and "get stuck in it" is part of the design.

    Perhaps the speed of the animation is too slow, but I found out that later in the game it was still difficult to beat opponents even with those slow animations.

    It's not a mashing game, it is a "good timing/correct pattern guessing" game.

  • If you upload an another game jam then write it. I saw some tutorials (YouTube) from you, without knowing that you are a moderator and was wondering about a your graphics.

    I asked R0J0hound allready, but no answer until know, so i hope you can help me, please?


    0°-90° are 90 steps but rotation from my sprite has 10 steps. Pathfinding looks like a curve path, that's why i want to limit it from 360 to 40 steps (360°)

    General forum "about isometric" you can find a capx and test if my guess is a bug. If frames are croped and would be replaced then orgin points are not correct.

  • JamesXXXYZ: You can find all my games on my website.

    I'm not sure what you were wondering about "my graphics". We are not all graphic artists and programmer art still manages to get a game and a design through.

    This topic though is about this current game.

    If you have technical issue be sure to read the manual first (in that case especially the behavior pathfinding article), search the tutorials in case there are already informations about your issue.

    Make also sure to check out the how do I faq.

    In the end if you don't find anything ask in the how do I forum. Provide a capx and a clear explanation of what is going on, what you are trying to achieve and what you are actually seeing happening with your current code.

  • You did a neon tutorial, but it doesn't glow and i saw something with airplane, but there was no effects while shooting and no explosions. You saw my head isometric? Try out sculptris it is easy to use and use blender to render it out, both are freeware.

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