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  • My LD30 Jam entry : My sweet garden

    I made the whole game in the 72 hours period, the theme had me wondering for a while.

    LUDUM DARE entry page - The game on itch.io

    Be sure to rate/leave a comment on the ludum dare page. I tend to go check back the games of those who commented and rate/comment them back.

    Grow your garden over the course of a year.

    Shop for the elements you will need and plant the flowers when they will allow you to take the most beautiful picture at the end of the year, after having matured.

    You only need the mouse to play.

    Should be playable on touch device as well.

    • Hoe a plot, so that you can plant a flower or put a decoration.
    • Flowers take some time to arrive to maturation and will have a finite lifetime as well. Take that into account while growing your garden.
    • Plots can become pested, you'll then have to treat them with Anti Pest.
    • A plot occupied by a decoration or a matured flower won't become pested.

    Share your final screenshots and scores on social networks using the hashtag #MySweetGarden

    I hope you enjoy and appreciate any feedback.

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  • I hoe'd my plot.

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