[LD 33] Earth Was a Bad Choice

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  • Play Earth Was a Bad Choice

    You're an alien that was hoping Earth was a nice vacation destination, but quickly found out the inhabitants are hostile. Race to your ship through a flurry of explosions. There's a definitive ending. I hope you get to see it.


    • Press any key to progress the dialog
    • Move left and right with either Arrow keys or A&D. (Touch controls are enabled work if you're on a mobile device)
    • M toggles audio
    • Try and remain airborne
    • Chain explosions for sweet combos

    Here's the game's Ludum Dare page. I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome. I'm eying this up for Ludum Dare's October challenge.

    Also, check out this thread for other LD games made in Construct 2.

  • Fun, love the combo mechanic. Also, great title, made me curious enough to play.

  • Cool idea! It was kind of hard for me, or I have not played enoguht with it

    Maybe I would put the energy bar somewhere fixed on the screen.

    It is so easy to catch me with these minimalistic pixelart style graphics. All I wanted to say is I liked the graphics very much

  • Great stuff, fun & very playable. Nice ending & I liked the stats thing at the end (highest combo 19).

    Would make a nice little browser or mobile game, & if you do continue it then I think the object spawning on levels 7+ could be tweaked. I had lots of attempts where I'd catch every jumpable object but still die. Maybe have more regular ground vehicles or missiles? Or adjust the random spawning to not be purely random, eg. on a timer with +/- some random number.

  • Love the bounce, When I have done bounces before though it always propels and I cannot change the direction was there a way you got this to work?


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  • Thanks for the kind words everyone.


    Timer with +/- random is exactly how it's set up now, but the timer and random values are modified per level. I agree that if I were to continue working on the game, some levels would need to be tweaked.


    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but the bouncing basically works like this:

    • Each enemy/projectile has horizontal and vertical knockback variables called Hpower and Vpower .
    • When the player collides with an enemy/projectile:
      • Calculate the angle between the enemy and the player: angle(enemy.x, enemy.y, player.x, player.y)
      • Set the player's Vector Y to -enemy.Vpower. This ensures that collisions always result in upward motion.
      • Set the player's Vector X to (Player.Platform.VectorX + cos(angle)*enemy.Hpower). This pushes the player away from the enemy horizontally.
  • Thats was fun

  • Great.

    Finished it

    The first screen looks like my apple IIe games, like "Lucifer´s realm" introduction, the sound likes Asteroids, the player walking like "Captain Goodnight". I came back few years ago playng the game.

  • Nice game! i like it

  • Congrats on being in the top 5, well deserved & a really fun game.

  • Had to pop in and say this...

    Great game. Interesting gameplay, and the physics is very well adjusted to a good level of challenge. Just enough enemies to keep everything fun. Kudos! I enjoyed it.

  • your game design is kickass!

    It's really great

  • It's really a great game! Will you publish for smartphones and tablets?

  • sivricmarijan

    I might. Ludum Dare's October Challenge is coming up, so I may use that as an excuse to turn it into a full game, and perhaps release it on mobile platforms. If so, I'd probably need to come up with some additional game mechanics. Maybe an extended story mode, and an arcade mode.

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