Lazy Miner on Windows Store !

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  • Hey all !

    <center><img src="" border="0"></center>

    This is my first release with construct 2 :

    <center><img src="" border="0"></center>

    And it's available on the Windows store !


    This is a very simple and intuitive game, you have to drill and collect minerals for upgrade your drill and drill deeper and deeper ...

    <center><img src="" border="0"><img src="" border="0"></center>

    You have to avoid monsters and others traps like magma, dragons, moles ...


    The ultimate goal ? Reach the deepest depth in the world and become the #1 player !

    Developed by :


  • I downloaded it. Nice job. Can you check out my apps?

  • This is awesome, congrats!

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  • Looks really good, do you plan to release it for Android?

  • looks great,

    would you mind sharing how you did the digging effect?

  • Thanks all :)


    Yes we are planning to release on Android, we are waiting for next cocoonJS update, and we have to work on mobile optimization and more content. Maybe in august, we will see !


    It's very simple (but maybe not optimized), just spawn a sprite (every tick) with a random rotation under the character and you have this effect.

    Thanks again !

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