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  • Hi everyone (Happy Christmas)

    It's Christmas but I have some time to kill before I see my family so thought I might update everyone on the games I have been making.

    1) Quantum Flux

    My first game funded via kickstarter raised 220% over its target for around �2700, originally named Spatial flux:

    Version 1.08 has been officially released today, using the C2 node web-kit for Windows, Linux and Mac and it is a little over 74mb in size.

    Click here or on the image to see a larger version

    Quantum Flux is a text based, rogue-like space exploration game, where players have to try and reach a safe haven to ensure humanities survival after the sol system was destroyed. On the way players will have to fight other ships, trade and encounter strange spatial phenomena.

    In addition we have included a second game mode that allows players to simply fight ever increasingly difficult combat sequences. The game includes scoreboards, achievements and other bonuses in both the campaign and combat game modes.

    I am currently re-developing the website for quantum flux but you can see the out of date site here: Aiming to re-launch it before the year ends.

    2) Swords of Edo

    My second game funded via kickstarter did much better than the first, raising over 400% of its initial target for a total of over �12000 for development funds. Swords of Edo is currently in a late alpha stage of development.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Swords of Edo is Visual Novel game set in a fantasy world where Japan remained isolated from the world, they are still in a semi feudal society. The player controls 'Asumi' (one of the main characters from the graphic novel series) a female warrior who investigates crimes to keep the peace. The game follows her as she goes undercover at a Samurai Academy

    We have recently re-launched the Swords of Edo website with more details on the game and the characters to appear within it:

    We plan on moving into beta testing in late January for a release in April next year.


    Both of these games are being fully created in C2, Quantum Flux was developed alongside Buko Studios, whereas Swords of Edo is something I am currently working on alone (but with the aid of several great artists).

  • I used to make music for Visual novel genre. Contact me if you need music

    samples :

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  • Hi AJTilley,

    I like you creations, very interesting.

    Quantum Flux is a living/endless game?


    Josep M

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