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  • Hello C2 community!

    We've updated our first serious game project in Arcade.

    We still working in mechanics and dynamics, but we want to know what you think about the art of our game.

    Here's the link!


    Thanks in advance!

    Ask if you have any question or advice or critics!

  • really nice game ^^ i would like to see some ninja stuffs like jumping , claiming , hiding , killing xD .

    anyway there is a game in xbox which will give you alot of ideas about ninja stuffs but i forgot the name of it ^^.

    i hope to see a real level which will be 10x bigger than this one and 5x more fun than this..and i really would like to see it in english version except if you gonna support your language.

    my rate about the game :

    graphics 9/10

    game play 5/10

    effect 10/10 and keep going

    good luck in the game ^^

  • I really the game, specially the slow motion effect

  • ,

    i love the graphics. the level/world environment is really nice.

    good work...

  • Wow! Great work so far! Love the tone that the art style sets. The palette really sets everything up great.

    Can't wait to see this completed.

  • Thanks for your well explained comments!

    We know we must keep working untill everything falls into place.

    But at least your words makes us feel we're in the right way!! Thank you all!

    Our next step is to adjust the Mechanics and dynamics that still need adjusted, and we'll really love having your feedback in the process so we'll be posting the new versions of the game!

    And English version will come soon don't worry!

    thanks again and greetings from little Koga!

    Nicol?s Castez


  • nice game, graphic and mechanic,,, very fun,,,

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  • Really cool game :)

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