Knight's Tale [Sandbox RPG][28$/119$ Collected]

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    <font size="3">My short story</font>

    I've started my adventure with Construct 2 a couple of months ago.. early on it was like 15-20 minutes daily, learning some basic stuff.

    Then I started the first project called Save The Grandpa, with my friend, (you can play the demo on Scirra Arcade) and it was like 40-50 minutes daily.

    Then we did a small demo of The Purple.. it wasn't a good game except nice (in my opinion) graphics and music.

    <font size="3">My goal...</font>

    Now I'm working on the most ambitious project I've ever thought of (kinda) - Knight's Tale. Sandbox, in a big world created by me, game developer and regurarly expanded by US, the whole game community, according to mine and your ideas put together. That's my plan for now.

    <font size="3">..and my problems</font>

    However, due to the lack of money for the full version of the best game creating program I've ever used, Construct 2 I can't finish any of my games. The price is worth it, it should be even higher, though, in my opinion, but I'm just 17 years old and can't work out so much money to get it. I've already earned money that I spent on a drawing pad that really helps me out in unleashing my creativity, but that's everything I can do for now, by myself.

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    If you like my ideas and would like to help me, you can eventually donate me via PayPal right there:


    I am planning unique special gifts in some time for everyone that donates me because with that you help me making my dream come true and I want to give you something back, as much as I can. :)

    <font size="5">So far I've got:

    28$ out of 119$ needed.</font>

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    <font size="5">Kiril [10$]

    Dannyzigg [20$]

    <font size="4">

    What am I going to do after getting the license?

    Finish my Save The Grandpa project (it would take like 3 weeks), and expand it like weekly with free content. The game wouldn't cost much, maybe just 1$ in a symbolical price, but there wouldn't be any DRM. I am not that much against piracy - if someone can't buy the game or just wants to test it out - he should be able to get it for free. You can't force anyone to buy your products.

    Create Knight's Tale pre-alpha and put it out for free to testing, then going to alpha and trying to get on Steam Greenlight.




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    Anyway, I'd still like to show you my progress on Knight's Tale, maybe I will be able to create at least a short demo with a small village and a few quests, using 100 events in Construct 2.

    As I said, the idea is creating a sandbox that would be constantly developed even further, adding more cities, quests and generally - more stuff. Most, if not all of these updates, would be completely free - if you had bought a game of course!

    Player would be able to customize his character (I already got a couple of graphics and body parts), buy a pet, mount or invest some money in a house or a shop. There would be many ways to get money, just working in a regular job as a woodcutter, miner.. kidnapping people and robbing them. Rob the whole village (it wouldn't be that easy!) and burn it down. Become a merchant and start a little stall, travelling NPCs wold eventually buy something.. Just tons of options! I got them in my head and on a paper, I know how to create games actually so it's not just simple dreams. If not a license I would've already started implementing it.

    Now going into some screens (UPDATED 14th september):

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    You can always tell me if you like the idea, I'm just going to post more of it.

      • 80 views and 0 answers, I guess it's not that much interesting for now.. but I will keep going with screenshots.

        Started working on HUD, more city details, and trading system.

        Exit from the city (unavailable due to free version of C2 I got)

        <img src="" border="0" />

        Mysterious beggar, this font is a placeholder though.

        <img src="" border="0" />

      • hey customization is a nice feature, you are making it by isolated parts(head, pants, legs...) or full character? :D

      • valdarko

        Hey, I experimented with it a bit, but to implement it as a complete feature to the game I need more events of course.

        It's like isolated parts, I mean legs, chest (main part of the body), head and so on.

        Then I add image points on chest so every part of the body sticks together every tick.

        And then every tick too, I'm setting collision rectangle to fit the whole body. After that it goes easily, adding image points for every parts of the body and setting equipment's position to chosen part like pants for legs etc. you know. That's the easiest solution I found for the type of graphics I use.

        Sorry for my english, though. If you have your own, better way you can always tell me. :D

      • nops, its the same way, but i use the hot spot for all the parts

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      • Wow, this seems very well made. Unluckily, i am bound by thee 100 event limit like you. One feature you could try to add is randomly created types of vllages. you could also have different types of villages, such as castles, teepees, jungle tribes etc..

      • Thank you ash1221 it means a lot! Yes I want to add randomly created villages, cities and different types of them but for that I need more time (I'm not that much experienced in randomly generated stuff tbh).

        For now I'm working on separating body parts and simple equipment system, and also fighting. :)

        <img src="" border="0">

        Here is a small screenshot, I will post my progress as soon as I'm happy with it. Maybe video too. I also got some sounds ready. :D

        I also created a new blog (I didn't like the old one) where, if you would like of course, you can eventually donate me via paypal, it would help me a lot in getting money for the license. It would help in making Knight's Tale a really ambitious project and finishing my first game (Save The Grandpa) that I want to expand a lot and put it for free here for you, most likely. Every cent matters for me now.

        So here is the link: (not much content, just created it few minutes ago)

        You can always just follow me and I will be grateful for it! See you in my next post, thanks for any feedback and help!


        I've finished working on making character based fully on body parts in-game so customization is coming tomorrow or very soon!

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      • Hey! First of all, I'd like to say thanks to Kiril, the first person that donated me via paypal to help me in getting license. It really means a lot and motivated me so thanks!

        Anyways, I got a short update there. I am still busy working on making the demo alive. Here is the very basic equipment system, normally there will be slots that can be opened with "E" but now it is just as a part of HUD.

        Second thing is smooth zoom in/out when getting in/out of the building. I don't know why the sprites are shaking a little bit after zooming in.. I always had this problem in Construct 2 but it isn't important now!

        Also added basic sounds, doors are placeholders from Terraria, I hope they don't mind though. :D

        So here you are, I know village doesn't look alive yet but I'm working on everything. I hope that you like my ideas that I post here and my work. I want this game to be epic.

        ANIMATIONS ARE TOTALLY WIP! I know they aren't good. :D


        As fast as I get the license I want to release something like pre-alpha for you guys to test it out and work on random wandering NPCs (like GTA?), random villages and just generally, making the game playable! :D

      • I advise you to stick to a certain style using large and small pixels

      • REDGEAR that is what I am trying to do, though. Graphics are still supposed to be changed/reworked, the only thing that won't be, is character's body template.

        Anyways, here I got a little progress with the animation! I think it looks more fluid, the only thing I need to do now is animating hands, add jumping, stopping animation and so on.


        It's not a big update, but these damn legs ate a lot of my time, I am proud of them though.

        Next update will show some fighting or real inventory. Thank you for your support, small steps but everything is getting its shape!

      • I think that you need to reduce your running speed

        What I wrote above, meant that the grass does not correspond to the general style

        And it looks great

        I will keep an eye on your project

      • REDGEAR

        Hmm, I will consider that grass, I think it's okay for now, though.

        Thank you for following my project, means a lot!

        Sorry I didn't post anything today, but the only thing I finished is fully animating arms and start working on fighting. Today was a horrible day and I was a walking dead, but I did something at least.

        Tomorrow I will have a couple of hours and post a video and update my first post so it looks more interesting, hopefully.

        Thanks to anyone that is keeping an eye on my project and eventually helps, let's get it! :)

      • I'm waiting for the video, it will be interesting to watch

      • Not a very long video but I am very busy at school unfortunately. At least I managed to make attack animation, I will upload tomorrow quite longer video and sword will be changed most likely for the demo and I'm reworking the village graphics.. some of them.


        Thanks, and see you next time. :D

      • Hello! I got a little more progress to show you. Basic fighting system (just killing the enemy, Goblin) and improved movement.


        Hope you like it, more stuff coming soon.. Inventory I guess. :D

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