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  • Hi, I've been working on my latest project for roughly 400 hours now, and I've reached the point where I really could use some tester feedback. Even though it runs in the browser, I've designed it with Node-Webkit in mind. This is the pre, pre, pre-alpha of the game's prologue. Would really appreciated it if you could take the time to give it a look. And yes I've done everything except the sound myself.

    Small Screenshots:*Needs to be seen in motion*






    Download URL: mediafire.com


    WASD - run and jump

    SpaceBar - Jump

    Arrow keys - Parry

    Enter - Pause

    Alt + F4 - Quit game

    F1 - Restart current layout

    Here's a couple of examples of the kind of feedback I'm looking for:

    How well does it run?

    Is the controls any good.

    Discovered any nasty glitches or bugs?

    Does the "timing" of the projectiles feel right?

    Is it any fun to play?

    What did you especially like?

    What did you really dislike?

    Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy what I've cooked up so far.

  • This is a very interesting game! :D

    I liked the style of the game so much, I decided to make a full "report" of my experience playing it!

    First, I will answer your questions!

    How well does it run? It runs quite smoothly on my laptop. There were a few minor framerate drops, but not in places where it would hurt the gameplay.

    Are the controls good? The player moves incredibly fluidly and swiftly! The animations are also quite good. Jumping is a bit odd though; a platform has to be slightly lower than one would expect in order to jump on it.

    Any nasty bug/glitches? Nothing nasty or game-breaking. I got stuck in a running animation in an elevator, but that didn?t adversely affect the game in any way.

    How was the timing of the projectiles? I did not like it. The projectiles felt really random to me. I go into more detail in my notes.

    What did you like? I loved the style and aesthetics of the game. It had this really cool ?Tron Legacy?-like style. The player?s animations are, again, very well done! In all honesty though, when I looked at the screenshots you posted, I thought this would be like a ?Metroidvania?-style platformer or a platformer with parkour elements like ?Mirror?s Edge? or ?Vector? (for iOS)!

    What did you dislike? To be honest, the game mechanics weren't very accessible to me. You have move the character and reflect the projectiles at the same time, which requires a lot of dexterity! The mechanics also make it a bit difficult to recover if you make a mistake.

    I will PM you my full report of the game soon! :D

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  • Thanks! Looking forward to reading the report. :)

  • mediafire.com/download/akq4mfpy110tbo6/Klang_17_6.zip

    Updated with new build. Should be a good boost to the playability. I would really appreciate some more feedback!

  • I've sent you a PM with some feedback on the updated Klang!

  • mediafire.com/download/2l49r0ilut97bad/Klang_30_6.zip Latest build. Good amounts of improvements and addition. Prototype of arcade mode amongst other things.

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