King's Swing - Challenging timing based adventure!

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  • Hi everyone!

    My debut game is now released.

    Check it out on Google Play: ... .kingswing

    It's available for android platforms via Google Play. King's Swing is a story about King's journey through his castle after being betrayed by his own soldiers. He is trying to escape after being locked in the dungeon. The journey will be challenging as you travel through various levels. There are obstacles and unforgiving enemies everywhere trying to block your way out of castle. At the moment King's Swing has 20 different levels with unique challenges.

    It's meant to be very challenging but still funny and rewarding at the same time. As you proceed in the game it will teach you how to reach the goal and escape the castle.

    Game is made with Construct 2 and wrapped using Cocoonio.

    Trailer on youtube:

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  • The game is now updated. I got lots of feedback about the concept being great but gameplay being not that user friendly. Well now the swords are shortened and the moving polished.

    I'd be glad to hear your opinions dear C2 community and feedback, it's always important.

  • There is known bug with game timer to save on last level with few players, but im working on it!

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