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  • I have big plans to get kids moving beyond Scratch and taking "making games" further, and I see Construct 2 as the perfect tool to be able to do that.

    Which is why I've been busy working on a future resource for kids that have a passion for making games and two coinciding apps. Also looking to turn passion for playing video games into making video games.

    1) Look What I Made ->

    Child picks a game, but to play it they have to construct it by performing actions / painting / piecing the game together, the idea being as they progress through the games the involvement will increase.

    (currently only mole whacking and space monkey games available to build)

    should work on tablet, web or mobile :)

    2) Kids Game Builder ->

    This fun app will give the kids a playground to make games, with a lot more control than the last app :) - this one is better suited to web / tablet.

    Let me know your feedback if you do check them out;

    IF you do have kids yourself I would absolutely love them to check it out and give their feedback / verdicts. Both are free to play and should work on a tablet.

    My two both under 8 absolutely love them and have given me very valuable feedback up-to-now!

    Thank you and keep coding :)

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