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  • Hey guys,

    I've uploaded Key & Shield to Scirra Arcade so you can enjoy it on your browser for free. You can also get the Play Store version: Nomanis Crew.

    New Scirra Arcade

    Google Play (Nomanis Version)

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  • I really liked this game, its very well done, nice to look at and to play.


  • How come you don't put any ads?

  • Thanks guys.

    Dimitrios, i just like to have free versions of all my games, and for me, a game with ads is not free.

  • Nice game. I don't play game but, just had look. Graphics is good and sound too.

  • I've noticed that some of you see a black screen instead of loading the game. I've changed the loading method so maybe the problem is corrected, if at some point you can try to reload the game after clearing your cache, let me know if the problem is fixed here or with a private message.

    Is something more related with html5 and the browser than with the game itself so i can't do much more,. You can also try with a different browser or updating chrome.

  • Hi Fire Totem Arena great game, and works very smoothly on Google play.

    I've noticed you have two audio options/icons one to stop music and the other to stop sounds effects. This is what I have on my game I'm working on but I just can't get them to work. Would you mind telling me the best way to do it or possibly post a screenshot of your audio event sheet it's driving me crazy I have looked on the forums but they just don't seem to work for me and was wondering your way of doing this.

    Many thanks Jay

  • Hi Jay, dunno if it's the best way but this is how i do it:

    I have a global vars "setSFX" and "setMusic" that i set on or off.

    For game sounds:

    For every sound of the game i just use a condition:

    So when the user clicks or touches the audio button i just change the value of that global var.

    For Music:

    I use the music file like a sound effect, not like music (don't remember exactly why). When i start playing the song, i tag it as "Music":

    So when i want to pause it, i pause that tag:

    *It doesn't appear in the image but i also change the value of global var "setMusic" to on/off when player clicks on disable/enable Music. Although we can pause/unpause music just using the tag, i also like to have the status recorded in a global var, so later i save it to cache to remember player choices when restarting the game

    When i want it to resume i do the same with "resume tag".

  • Thanks a lot, after I've finished work on designing my backgrounds I'll be giving that a try, many thanks much appreciated

  • Hello Fire Totem Arena

    as you made animations? input animations of icons, and jumping dungeons?

    You used a plugin?

    Greetings and congratulations on the game.

  • That's impressive! I love the art style and the mechanics are pretty cool.

  • Beautiful game

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