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  • Hey All,

    Henry Hoffman, of Mudvark, bought me a drink during GDC. In return, I'm posting about my game here. :P

    I greatly enjoy using Construct2, and, for the 2013 Global Game Jam back in January, I made a game called kayasa using it. It's an abstract, 4-player, competitive multiplayer game that focuses on quick bursts of gameplay. Here's some alpha footage of it:


    At the Los Angeles GGJ 2013 event, kayasa walked away with two awards: "Most Visceral Fun" & the "Awesome Fun Popularity Award!"

    After some tweaking of user feedback and all around gussy-ing up, I have submitted the game to IndieCade 2013; I am currently awaiting results.

    Thank you, Scirra, for such a wonderful tool, and thank you to the community for making stuff. Also, special thanks to Mudvark for peer pressure.

    You can learn more about kayasa on my website:


  • Awesome man, congrats on the submission! I'll be at IndieCade so I've got my fingers crossed for you :D

  • Such a simple idea, yet looks so fun! How did you approach the multiplayer?

  • Hah, that looks like fun! It's fun to watch, too, so keep it up!

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  • Such a simple idea, yet looks so fun! How did you approach the multiplayer?

    Hey sqiddster,

    Not sure what you mean by that, but I'll give it my best shot to answer. I really love local multiplayer, and I considered games like Super Smash Bros. and the Sportsfriends pack (Hokra, Barabariball, Johann Sebastian Joust, Pole Riders). In Smash Bros., when you die, sometimes you have to wait a really long time to get back in the game (~5-10 minutes, if you're playing with awesome people and die early).

    With kayasa, I wanted new players not to be discouraged by losing. Everyone dies in kayasa at some point, some sooner than later. The great part is that even if you do, a new round will start in ~30 seconds, on average. More often than not, players get themselves killed on accident and have a good laugh about it. I wanted to create an environment where players could choose to directly attempt to cause others to die or to ostracize themselves and win by pure survival; some of the most interesting matches take place where players all try to survive and leave each other alone. In fact, when it gets down to just two players and enough time has gone by to make the heart beat visualizations difficult to dodge, players almost exclusively stop fighting each other. The quick gameplay bursts also contribute to people playing it for very long periods of time; when I show the game at events, more than 170 rounds are played.

    I really hope that answered your question. If not, I'll try to clarify some more. :)

    Hah, that looks like fun! It's fun to watch, too, so keep it up!

    Thank you, C-7. I will. :D

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