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  • Hi hi everyone, I came to bring an idea out of the box that I'm developing on Construct 2, I gave the name Kaoz, which is nothing more than a place to generate concepts from things totally from scratch, like characters, landscapes, weapons, creatures and etc...

    As a Digital Artist, I have had a lot of manual work that I think could be automated with things like that, because Concept Art requires a certain effort to find a good concept and time in searching for the right references, but there are certain situations that you have freedom to extrapolate ideas, as in the creation of characters, scenarios and items, generally and mainly when it is a personal project that you have zero idea of ​​what you are looking for, it was then that I found myself in the need to have something that would save me time at the time that tightens the creative block.

    Using (at the moment) a small database, Kaoz places randomly in size, opacity, angle and random position images of different types and different things like animals, geometric shapes, patterns and etc... to cause a type of very Chaos common in the development of Concept Art that makes it easier for the artist to create something original without so much effort and now in a simpler way, since not everyone has the skill and patience to create concepts from scratch.

    Down here he brought some very interesting results that he managed to generate, but that we need to do a post treatment in Photoshop for example, because he is not very clear in the results and needs a little bit of his imagination to find interesting things.

    Remembering that the results on the right were edited in Photoshop, but based on the images generated by Kaoz and about Landscapes I already have a good base of how I want to do it and in the future I will bring more images about how it is getting.


    To test, visit my Itch.io: imersastudios.itch.io/kaoz

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