Jump: My first C2 game demo

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  • Hello everybody!

    Jump is my first official game demo using Construct 2. There are a total of 10 levels. I am saving up to get Construct 2 license (conversion rates are crazy), and once I get that, I will create a full version of this game. Already have the levels planned out.

    Unfortunately, I ran out of events, so there is no Save Game. The full version will have save game, more awesome levels... and... a LEVEL EDITOR!!! Groovy baby!

    So, here is the demo of my first title as an individual: Jump


  • I like how consistent it feels, however the performance seems somewhat bad to me (then again, i am currently on my netbook) for some weird reason - is it possible that you used a single, big resolution image for the background or something?

    Also, here's a tip - make the collision polygon for the character smaller, as it is currently possible to "hang" off of ledges, if you approach the edge slowly (or add a physics behaviour). Lastly, it would be nice if you added a death animation...

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  • Hi Stiivais,

    Yeah, I used a single 1024*768 image as a BG.

    I will be tweaking the collisions for the platforms and the character. Yeah, there will be death animation too. :) Also some more sound effects, and more features. Here's a glimpse of what will be in the "full version":

    1. More levels (Duh!)

    2. Different colored balls which have to go into their respective pods

    3. Directional Signs. Hitting those would push you towards that angle

    4. Animations (jump,death)

    5. Sound Effects.

    6. Some more visuals (which I am experimenting with to see if it matches the theme)

    Thanks for the suggestions and the comments :)

  • 1024x768? My netbook must be so bad... ;_;

    Either way, good luck with your game!

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