JRPG Space-based Roguelike (WIP)

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  • Hallo everyone! I've been working on something for a fair few days now, just tweaking odds and ends and developing this idea as I learn C2. What I'm posting here is basically a tech demo designed to explore projectiles, spacey-physics and basic AI functionalities like navigation. Let me know what you think, and if anyone's got any questions on how I achieved anything here (I'm still wondering myself...) just ask! :)


  • Particles are nice but I can't really tell what is going on :|

  • Particles subject to performance atm - the iPad can't handle them, so they might have to be sacrificed on mobile devices - I set them up as a group of functions so could just have a simple enable group action on mobile devices, else disable it. What'd be handy at the moment is to know that other's computers can run it... what sort of FPS did you get?

    Like I said, just a tech demo for the physicsy stuff at the moment. I've mostly just been building the behaviours for each of the attachments. This very moment I'm working on randomly generated enemies (I'll upload another link when there's a fight to be had!). After that I'll be working on an experience and skills system, which'll be fed by the battles. Then I'll work on creating an overworld view, where you'll navigate the ship to different locations, approach other ships/planets/stations for other kinds of interaction.

    That's the plan at least. Not sure if this is pushing the boundaries of C2...

  • I don't get the title of this topic. Your game is neither JRPG nor roguelike <img src="smileys/smiley25.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • As I've now iterated twice, it's a tech demo, alpha, a WIP.

    I'll be updating that address as I add new functionalities. Next on the list is an enemy to destroy - and after that an enemy that'll fight back, and after that an XP system, and after that a skills and levelling system, and questing in a randomly-generated universe (roguelike) having semi-turn-based battle (JRPG) and doing quests. I'm just sharing what I have of my creation so far, that's all :)

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  • It's looks pretty nice, but i think you went a bit too far with the effects >.< at this size, the glow makes things a bit harder to see, especially the font, which is really small, i have to close up to be able to read. I'd say take off the glowing from fonts and overall GUI stuff, like the crosshairs. At the start there were no effects inside the boxes and it looked nice, why not keep at that? Save effects for explosions and shiny stuff and maybe it will be enough to run on mobiles :P

  • Yeah I've already dropped the glow for performance reasons. Plus you're right, it made it hard to read. Spent so long staring at the thing I can hardly see it now!

    Just rebuilding for efficiency at the moment. Adding a randomly-generated bad-guy complicated things greatly, so I've had to reverse-engineer some dodgy late-night work from a few days back.

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