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  • Hey everyone! Take a play at Journey of Darius, my new HTML5 platform action game demo! I'm deciding based on user feedback and reviews wether to continue with this project or scrap the whole thing and make it into an RPG. Here's the game:

    Everything, including the fake-bit music, is produced by myself except for the dialogue and narrative which is written by my beautiful girlfriend. Adobe CSS and Construct 2 were used in production.

    The story is about a prarie state where a factory dumps toxins into the main river. Because of vegetation on the affected plant life, both humans and creatures develop mutations and super-powers. The government persecutes the creatures while others try to establish unity between the creatures and the regular humans. Within a government family, a boy who has super-powers is born and after discovering his powers, his mother goes into exile while his father takes him away to a small town outside the corrupt capital city. when his father goes to find his mother again, the boy follows him into a war between the creatures and the corrupt government of the city.

    You get to play two levels in the demo. One where you play the boy following your dad, and the other where you help people in the military defend a small town around the city.

    Let me know what you think. And yes, the introduction was meant to sound like the intro to Streets of Rage with a hint of novelty. Enjoy!

    EDIT: In case you ask why I couldn't get it on the Scirra Arcade, I had issues compressing the music. If Construct 2 had module or midi support, I could put it up, but the game is 15 MB at least even though it streams quick.

  • Hey Aaron,

    I honestly think that you should finish this game (simple or fancy as you would like it) and then move on to your rpg. The reason i say this is because i can see that your still learning the program (I am too) and a platformer seems like an easier task.

    My first project was/is a strategy game, but i put that on hold to release a platformer first and Im really glad i did as I have learnt so much in process.

    Once you have a bit more experience you can tackle your real passion, the rpg :)

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  • aaronparsons

    How you did to make player bounce after jumper over an enemy? TEACH ME, PLEASE!

  • KrazyKaos , hi bro again.

    :)), when player jump onto enemy, you set action player platform vector Y = (any high you want).

    example : player >> set platform vector Y to -700

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