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  • Greetings, Scirra people!:)

    It's been a while, like a year or something.. Nice to be back:)

    // Btw, glad to see tons of new pretty features in C2, great job C2 team! :D

    Shortly about myself: I'm still a novice Construct user, still have some massive game ideas,

    and still have way too much to learn to make a dream of creating-a-nice-big-game come true.

    But this time I have just enough time to learn >:D Also, now i have a friend of mine interested in C2 and, so..

    I hope we'll gonna motivate each other :P

    It all started (and ended) with this wierd thing. Lots of ideas, but way over my capabilities.

    Now it's stuck at a Prototype state until i'm good enough to finish it off.

    Now speaking about this topic. This is gonna be a "bloggish-like" theme, where we post our training projects, studies and so on.

    I'm totally sharing .capx and answering any questions. And I'd greatly appreciate all your feedback/advices and especially criticism ^_^

    I'm always up for cooperation, team learning, volunteery work, well, that kind of stuff. Makes learning a bit more fun ;)

    Oki doki, let's start?

    26.11.2013 Exercise 1.

    <font size="2">This "game" came out of nothing, while I was explaining the very basics of C2 to my friend :)

    Then i've just finished it as i wanted. No indeep knowledge involved.

    Well, not too bad to start with, a bit of experience is still better than nothing.</font>

    Now say Hello to Flabby Joe. The Mood Killer Jelly.

    Use Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to shoot and, you know.. try just to have fun :)

    Reach level 6 to win.

    It may seem too easy at first. Well, did that on purpose. Gets a bit harder over time. *hint hint*

    A big flask to the left represents your Ink level. Once it's empty- your game is over.

    No worries, just wait 5 sec and it will start again. Ink decreases over time, when you shoot and when you let a Smiley run away.

    Posting capx : Messy capx.

    <font size="2">//Updated both game and capx **</font>

    4.12.2013 Exercise 2.

    <font size="2">Tower Defence exercise. This one is all about making an OK mechanics/prototype, not a full playable game:) (might do it later)</font>

    Here is a demo: TowerDefence study.

    Main things to do:

    [done] -Enemy movement along a path

    [done] -Tower management ( building, selecting, upgrading )

    [DONE] -Towers shooting mechanism

         ( aiming a proper enemy, damaging it, splash/slowing/poisoning etc.)

    • Waves. Spawning enemies in a pre-defined order.
    • Lesser things like money gain, win/lose conditions, simple menu and so on.

    You can do is build/upgrade towers and spawn enemies manually pressing 1-5 keys.

    Press [M] to get some extra money, [Shift + M] to set money to 0.

    Click the tower to select it, [Esc] or right-click to cancel building/upgrading mode.

    Double-click "Sell" button to sell a tower.

    <font size="2">09.12.13 update</font>

    At last! I've moved from deadpoint with Independent tower targeting/shooting/parsing stats an so on! :D

    Battle system still needs tweaking, but that's more like balance stuff, working on formulaes rather than coding.. so, not a big deal :D

    Making it work exactly how you mean it to do after a series of failures.. feels great! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Here is what i've tried to do : Event Based Turrets. That was an attempt to imitate turret behavior via events. Might be a good solution if it works properly..

    but it does not:(

    While you have one type of tower- everything is fine. But just when you add unique stats on towers.. it breaks.

    Something is wrong with picking objects, and I didn't manage to find all the mistakes, so..

    I've decided to play around a default turret behavior. And scored. Works nice and smooth :) Capx Independent Turrets

    So, I consider first 3 points of my plan done:) And that is like 2/3 of the whole exercise:D

    To-do list: Implementation of waves/levels, scoring system, menu, minor UI updates and final balancing!) Won't take long, i hope, most of the critical issues are fixed:D

    17.12.2013 Exercise 3.

    <font size="2">Alllright, just can't focus on one thing, here's a small RPG-ish thing</font>

    Arrow keys to move, [Space] to interact :P

    Nevermind it, it's terribly raw)

    RPG exc

  • That game is kinda cool. Nice and easy. :)

  • Burvey, Thanks alot! :) It was all about making an easy and pretty straightforward game. But.. as a hardcore gamer myself.. i could not leave it without a little "easter egg". Did you happen to find it?:P

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  • Muhahahaha!

  • Bumpeh, posted a second exercise! :)

  • (bump)Exercise 2. A little "Breakthrough" in Tower Targeting :D

  • Exc 3: The Rudimentary RPG :P

    P.S. Oh, and by the way :)

  • JJList Hi! can you post Exercise 3 capx, please?

  • Sure, here it is! Exc3.capx

    But it's still really messy, i've stopped working on it ;c

  • JJList thank you ))))

  • hi man,

    can you upload your capx again?

    link is broken.

    thank you

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