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  • Hello everybody. A few months ago, I played a fun "upgrade" game called Deep Sea Hunter over at Kongregate. I liked it so much that it gave me an idea to make my own version of an "upgrade" game.

    So, Jetpack Jodi was born.

    Jetpack Jodi must stop Professor E. Ville's latest attempt to ruin her day with a nefarious plot. Collect money and buy upgrades to help Jetpack Jodi defeat the bad guys once and for all.

    Please give it a play and let me know what you think.

  • Very cool. Liked the health bars.

  • I like it, but maybe try it witht he feature of rotating the level instead of jodi.

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  • Thanks for the comments, guys. For everyone that has played Jetpack Jodi - thanks a bunch. I'm curious what you think...

    Have you beaten the game? Was it too easy? Too hard?

    Did you buy all the upgrades?

    Did you find all the hidden letters?

    Were there too many enemies or too few?

    Do you wish there were achievements?

    Do you want an enemy encyclopedia page?

    Thanks for playing.

  • I enjoyed the game. The fuel upgrade made my jetpack last forever to the point of me wanting to kill Jodi in order to get back to the upgrade selection screen. Maybe you could add a "Return to Base" feature?

    I think a enemy encyclopedia page is not necessary IMO. With no weakness/strengths to worry about its not really a useful feature.

    Over all it was a fun little game. Keep up the good work.

  • I'm glad you liked the game. Yeah, I was tweaking the fuel consumption and upgrades for awhile trying to find a good middle ground as I didn't want players to be frustrated with not flying long enough or too long, but perhaps I should look at that again. Thanks for the nice comments.

  • nice game

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