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  • this is my first game which is still in its early stages, but it's functional

    the intention is to run it on my iphone, but i havent worked out the tweeks to get it to position right on the screen (ill tinker with that part later...it's late or should i say very early) anyway...

    check it out and let me know what you think (feedback and improvement suggestions will be greatly appreciated)

    JBI game 0.1

    how to play:


    fires a missile

    left> and right>

    guide the missile to destroy invading jellybean aliens and maneuver around randomly floating satellites

    don't let 3 aliens land


    * no sound

    * scoring has been drastically increased for test purposes

    * game plays at the same speed no matter what level (this will change)

    * game doesn't end because i have yet to program anything to happen other than a change in atmosphere color when 1 alien makes it past your defenses (i'm getting to that part)


    * power-ups of some sort

    * sound or at least a music track

    • injoy
  • It seems like a good start.

    I'd launch random aliens, instead of waiting for the player to hit ctrl. Meaning also I'd, than, reduce the size of the satellite (or its hit box) (simply the core of the satelitte to get hit, not it's "wings").

    Also, and since you're aiming for phone game, maybe we could "control" the missile trajectory through the mouse (kind of drag/drop control). Making it move sideways, depending on the mouse.x ?

    That would help have a smoother movement, and maybe even more meaning in using touch on phone afterwards (rather than "button mashing").

    The explosion gfx was nice, cartoony and stuff. The rest was a bit more "classic".

    That's a good base looking forward for "the game" to be more complete.

    Keep up the good work.

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  • ok i took your advice/creative criticism and made a few changes

    * press left mouse button to fire missile( missile follows the angle of the MouseX, MouseY)

    which leads to the question, is there a way to detect the X,Y coordinates of an on screen touch)??

    *aliens spawn randomly after a few seconds wait

    * satellite is smaller with a reduced hit box

    * added acceleration to the aliens and the missile

    * time between being allowed to fire another missile is level dependent (it decreases as the levels increase because the aliens are getting faster and more frequent as the levels increase)

    * the aliens hit my planet animation only plays once (i have no idea why it won't play after each time an alien hits the planet's atmosphere)??

    hey, it's a work in progress

    jbi Game 0.2

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