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  • Hi guys!

    We just launched our official demo of Jasper's Revenge as a facebook app.

    Jasper's Revenge is a retro platformer featuring a white fat dog named Jasper, that just wants to get his bone back from the evil cat whiskers.

    The game is still under development and currently features 10 stages and 2 boss fights.

    We'll be happy to hear your opinion about graphics, gameplay and music.

    We recommend on a full screen experience (Options -> Full Screen)

    Check it out: apps.facebook.com/jaspersrevenge

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  • I really liked the opening "cinematic"!!! That was very cool. I was hoping the whole game would be like that (not sure how that would work exactly, but I was hoping!)

    I'm terrible at platformers, but that's just me, not a comment on your game <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I would have liked to have seen your skills for the cinematic worked into the gameplay for a new type of game experience. Why not a side scrolling "adventure" that plays out over different "panels"? It could still have some platformer type actions, but might be something a little different and unique. I think you have a good concept with your characters, art, and music, so it deserves something a little "more" to set it apart. - just my 2 cents! - lol

    THANK YOU for not making have to login to Facebook to try the game. I appreciate that. Sometimes you just want to play a game without making a big deal out of it. -lol

    Overall, good work!

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