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  • Hi guys,

    We've been working on our first construct project for the past 3 months, a platformer arcade game called "Jasper's Revenge", and finally we've got something to share!

    Some background, Jasper's Revenge started as a promo teaser for an adventure game we've been working on for about a year now, it's started out as a simple shot the cat with soda cans game and evolved into something much bigger.

    Jasper and Whisker are characters from the adventure game.

    For now we are releasing this beta/demo with 10 playable levels.

    Some of the game aspects (graphics, music, level design, etc) might and probably will change in the final product.

    I've been working hard in the past few weeks on perfecting and stabilizing the code and all game-play conditions, but i most likely missed something along the way, so if you find a bug, a glitch, or anything out of the ordinary, please let me know, thanks!

    you can play the game online at this address:



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  • Just gave it a bit of a play. Some thoughts, hope you find them useful:

    • I really like the playful music and "plot" - it's cute. Takes me right back to some old Commodore and Amiga games from back in the day. Thanks for that.
    • The integration of tutorial into the levels themselves is slick. Nice idea.
    • The movement of Jasper feels a little twitchy, like micro-shakes. I don't quite know how else to explain it.
    • There are some pickups that require that I jump to get them, even though they're overlapping with Jasper's sprite. Should just be the collision polygons need adjusting.
    • I get that you want to incorporate classic platforming elements like horizontal moving platforms and raising spikes, but the beginning of the game starts off really well in making the building that you're climbing believable, then suddenly I'm faced with spikes and moving platforms? I'd suggest that you try to find a way to incorporate these elements better with more fitting visuals. For inspiration, look at the 1983 game Alley Cat.
    • The food pickups feel too frequent, and I don't really get the feeling that I'm being rewarded. I'd suggest that you reduce their number but increase their impact. Look games like Zool, Cool Spot and Commander Keen for an idea.
    • Spiders shoot projectiles? I hope that doesn't actually happen where you live :P

    All-in-all, I really like it. There's obviously polish still to do but you've got a nice premise for some good, clean, old-school platforming fun.

  • Hi, thanks for playing and for replying.

    • Thanks, as a musician, it matters a lot!
    • Thanks again :)
    • We are aware of that, it was much worst before, i am not sure if its a problem with the graphics, the code or maybe a too fast scroll movement, i am still working on optimizing the game, rest assured we wont release the final version like that.
    • I'll check it, thanks for noticing.
    • I agree, not all the graphics match and fit the game, yet, there will be changes in the final version.

    But to make it clearer, here is some more of story background.

    Whisker was a war general, he fought in the great cat and dogs war back in 2002, unfortunately for him he was captured and tortured by a group mercenary chiwawas and when he returned he went a little crazy.

    Whisker made it his life mission to take down as many dogs as he can, next in line was jasper.

    The battle between them went on for years, till one day whisker had an evil plan that will surely bring jasper to his end.

    He will build the ultimate tower of death and lure jasper there.

    five years later.

    Construction complete, then we basically jump to the "intro" of the game, whisker steals jasper bone and lures him to his trap.

    so everything around the building is whisker's creation and not suppose to be a natural part of the environment.

    but point taken.

    • Picking up food restores you're health and gives you points, on 1000 points you get 1UP, for the first 10 levels its not that important, but we're planning around 100 levels and the game will get harder, so you will need those Lives eventually.

    But... i also agree with you, it's a little too much, i will reduce the spread.

    • it's a robot-cat-spider, part of the army whisker made for his tower (if you'll closely his head looks like whisker's head).

    Thanks again and i am glad you enjoy it!

    oh and about your game references, i was born in the 80's, so i played them all, from digger to god of war...

    I'll refresh my memory on youtube, with some old classic titles.

  • here is a little video demo of the game:


  • ok, i fixed the character collision and changed the scrolling method, it looks much smoother now, what do you think?

    next in line is level design and food reduction :)

  • Hi again,

    I updated the game, runs much smoother now, added some animations, fixed some bugs on the interface and most importantly reduced food spread :)

    What do you think?

  • Made a ton of changes, the game is faster, smoother, new menu, new options, some levels, graphics and animations updates, i'd say we're at 95% and real close to releasing a 10 levels playable demo.

    I would love to hear from anyone got who got any comments, thoughts, ideas, reviews or anything else that comes to mind.



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