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  • Hey guys :D I just finished my first game demo.

    let me know what you think :D thanks


  • nobody has a thought ?

  • The style/graphics looks great! But there's no gameplay!

  • This is great - nice mechanic!

  • thanks guys :D

    skiqddster game is playable but when you click somewhere outside the game, you cant use move keys back. I cant understand why it is happening. in local preview or on google drive the keys work always

  • I really like the graphics and art, and one strange thing I keep running into is that the platforms disappear too quickly when I draw them w/ the mouse. Is that supposed to happen? bilgekaan

  • thanks robert :D the platforms which you created should have 1 second to disappear it is pretty quick

  • Not a bad concept, at all.

    I'm curious though. Have you ever heard of the term balance ;)

    I'm mostly referring to the 1 second limit on those platforms.

    There's a thin line between frustrating but rewarding and maddeningly frustrating. Your creation kind of crossed that line.

  • Honest opinion: I'm intrigued by the visuals and aesthetic, but if I downloaded this game as it stands now I'd uninstall it after about 30 seconds.

    The platform disappearing is far too quick. Now, this can be addressed easily enough but you should understand why it's too quick.

    I get that you want to challenge the player, but you need to give them some incentive to want to be challenged. At the moment the challenge simply outweighs the reward, so it becomes very frustrating very quickly. When creating tasks like this for the player to complete, you need to reward them heavily early on, and then make them beg for those rewards later.

    Get them hooked first - give them a little more to go on with minimal challenge. When they conquer those challenges they'll feel good about themselves. Keep the challenge level the same and they get bored, so you need to gradually increase it as the game (and rewards) progress, with a couple of brief difficulty spikes thrown in that the player will feel extra good about overcoming.

    Use the carrot and the stick. Too much of either becomes boring or irritating.

  • thanks guys I will pay attention your opinions

  • The game is awesome. Ummm. yeah. increase the solid time to 1.5 up to 2s.

    love the graphics too. nice and simple. very thematic :)

  • jayderyu thanks, I will increase the platform fade out time

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  • I updated the game and increase fade out time 2s for the platforms, hope you like this change

  • LOVE THIS GAME. This is awesome. Finish it.... or sell it on ios/android..... that might be hard actually.

    This is one of the best platformers I've ever played. There are no stupid monsters. The entire point is level.

    I don't know about most people. but throwing in monsters where they don't belong just spoils the level design. This is fantastic level design.

    It progressivly get's harder. The game doesn't punish you for dying. well not enough to throw the keyboard. It's tough.

    My last suggestion. Offer easy, normal and hard difficulty modes. that determine the length of the draw bar. Easy for 3s, Normal for 2s, and Hard 1s. That way people get the choices they want for challenge. otherwise I found 2s perfect for myself :)

    I hope you get to enter this game in a contest and win it. It get's my vote. and it get's my wifes vote. She doesn't even like platformers :D she found 1s to short :D... but she might really enjoy 3s option :D... anyways. great game :)

    ps. did forget to mention it. fix the jump. there is a response issue :|

  • jayderyu THANKS! That means a lot to me :D I will try to fix problems and pay attention your advises :D

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