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  • Hey! Sorry to keep posting about me and my games but I tried to put this on Reddit's Feedback Friday and that place is chaos! So, I've made a 2 Player Competetive Platformer (Now with single player) which I personally compare to Divekick a lot. It's working title is It's Nothing Personal, if you could take the time to download it I'd love to know:

    1)What you think in general?

    2)Do you feel the power ups are balanced?

    3)If you have them available does it work with controllers?

    4)How is the performance (stuff like frame rate in the top right corner)?

    Please make sure drivers and stuff are updated, it ran terribly for me until I realised I had a DirectX from the stone ages :P

    Anyway here's the link

    Windows Download Here

    Mac Download Here

    Linux Download Here


    P1 uses arrow keys

    P2 uses WASD

    Switch between 1 and 2 players in the menu with A and D keys

    Toggle Player Collision with W and S keys

    Sorry it's a download, I messed up with sizes so couldn't upload it to the arcade!

    Thanks in advance,


  • LevelUpJordan

    1) Simple but fun. Good start. It remembers me Joust, same gameplay. Play it if you don't know, very funny game.

    2) dunno, I didn't see big differences

    3) Xbox 360 pad, no problem

    4) Very good, but I have a powerful computer (i7 3770k, 16Go RAM...)

    ps: windows 7

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  • This thing just installs bing toolbar?


    Clicked wrong setup. You should remove the toolbar setup. Not cool.

    Game - fun little game, couldn't get a asdw keys to work because my keyboard layout is different. Arrow keys worked fine. Powerups, didn't see big difference. FPS - Windows 7 (also super fast computer 6 core, etc etc etc with 16gb ram) so no issue for me.

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