Isometric shooter Alpha ( War 2131)

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  • Heres my game, please play test and enjoy it, i guess this is an alpha, once i get standard version i will be able to do more.

    its kind of difficult atm it may need a little tweaking

    Its a kind of Halo, quake,unreal tournament, plazmaburst isometric futuristic shooting death arena game.

    Right click to use RAil gun,   Left click mouse to use laser assault rifle

    Full version will have:

    *- Lots of levels maps/ scifi futuristic settings

    *- (AT LEAST) 8 awesome futuristic scifi weapons each with alternate fire type ( making 16 weapons)

    *-Destroyable walls( if using the rocket launcher) giving you a feeling of power being able to destroy the game tarrain

    *- Death match, team death match modes/ last man standing

    *- fully customizable character- helmet, armor looks, skins. etc

    *- Enemies will also be in isometric view

    *- Original music by me ^_^, the song currently in it is just something I whipped up real quick, hopefuly my other songs will be better, and more intense

    *- blood and gore, blowing bodies to bits, leaving bloody puddles, screaming,

  • Please tell me how quick or slow it loads, its already 6 whopping MBs and im not even half done with it =/

  • Load time was ok, framerate was a little rough. I'm on a pretty crap computer though :)

  • I can see where your going with this, once you have updated your animations and mucked around with the enemy AI - i could see this being really fun (love the lazers!).

    No framerate issues for me.

  • Thanks ^_^ as soon as I get standard edition I will add lots of weapons ,and (awesome looking levels), and try to work on AI,

    and maybe even have a CTF mode

  • Good game cs2curious. A bit difficult for me. I couldn't last more than 10 seconds :D because the enemies are super fast. It's also more difficult because enemies can shoot at you even if you don't see them. I will suggest to make them shoot when you see them or something like that.

    Nevertheless, your game looks very promising. It's original. Why don't you post it on the Scirra Arcade when you will feel ready. Be sure I will stay tuned for your updates.By the way, feel free to try also my game and leave me some comments. I will appreciate. You can play it through my signature.

  • ok, i will try your games as well

    I just bought the standard version! so you can rest assure there will be better maps, more weapons, and AI, I should have a major update of the game within a week ^_^


    *the rail, and assault rifle are 2 different weapons now each with an alternate fire ( switch with 1,2 key) alt fire is left and right mouse button

    *Dynamic sound volume (things that are farther away arent as loud, so NPC AI gunfights on the other side of the map wont get annoying)

    *enemies are now isometric ( still in the works)

    * free for all DM mode- now all units will fight each other and not just attack you

    *exploding parts ( on enemy death ) when you kill an AI he will explode in to bloody bits ( still in the works )

    *enemies will not use the fast machine gun ( yellow assault blaster ) to slightly reduce lag

    *lowered enemies range of site slightly ( they can still see 360 ) and you can still see them through walls ( in the works to make proper line of site tests)

    *fixed rail beams, you no longer take damage if you walk through them, a beam has to go right through to in the moment it got shot to deal damage

    feel free to cross all the rail beams you want now ^^ its just a glow effect, it cant hurt you ^^

    Glitches i need to work on ( aside from the obvious )

    *AI sometimes doesnt shoot at you even if your right in front of them, and they arent currently in combat

    *Depth glitch on enemies, head is below torso etc

    * every now and then there will be an enemy who cant be killed with rails =/ ive tried tracing the health etc and it says below 0 but wont die=/

  • New Update

    please tell me how your computer handles the lag on this, im starting to get nervous =/ it runs a bit slow on my computer


    Added Plasmagun ( its secondary fire is the same because i havent decided what i want it to do yet)

    Added shotgun ( secondary fire is 2 mini grenades, but the graphics look like plasmagun spheres)

    Fixed enemy doesnt die glitch

    Fixed 2 unit spawning for 1 unit death glitch ( this made for very laggy gameplay)

    made Player blow up on death

    Added ingame gui- with gun slot holders, and health bar grphc

    Added wall hit sounds( when bullets hit the wall) there is only 1 sound currently

    Glitches i need to fix

    The enemies animation direction is based on his running direction, not his aiming direction ( ideally the legs will run in a different direction, than the torso is shooting/aiming)

    shotgun bouncy bullets dont angle in the direction they are moving in

    *X display the score screen is not on top of the UI text, and its hard to see

    * your kills reset when you die and kills dont display for enemies yet

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  • Newest Version of my game ^^


    *Added option to make a team game - with color coded scoreboard ( press X)

    *Added options of how many AI units to have in the game, and options of how much starting health

    *Added LIGHTNING GUN   

    * more minor AI updates

    *Cosmetic:   Fixed Score board screen / text segments

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