Isometric RTS unit performance test

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  • So a stress test with 200 units. Goal is to have something like 400 at least (total and not for one player). But for now this should be enough.

    It would be very much appreciated if you could post some experiences from this. Specially from older machines. I have Intel Core i5-3570K, GeForce GTX 560 Ti TOP, 8GB RAM and running on Windows 7 ultimate.

    On this machine using field of view and traffic control on 400 units FPS stays pretty much steady 60. Not so well on 500 or 600.

    I get best results on Node-Webkit and Chrome.

    UPDATE 2/21/2014

    Hopefully some performance improvements


    Left mouse = select

    Right mouse = move units

    Arrows and screen edge = move camera

    Middle mouse = add walls

    For debugging:

    F = toggle fog of far.

    T = toggle "traffic control" bit more realistic movement

    R = toggle animations. This was quite heavy performance hit before but it seems to be reasonable now.

    Q = toggle Fullscreen scaling quality

    Z = toggle Z order update



  • This is so cool! Love the fog of war effect! No frame problems here, though I noticed that units will pass through walls if you place them while they're moving.

  • You can use Tilemap for background

    iso tilemaps

  • TwinTails, Thanks! That passing trough walls is because units wont recalculate their path finding when placing them. This is not feature of final game of course and wont be a problem. This would be a thing only when building structures.

    shinkan, I will look into that. Thanks!

  • Dell Latitude D510 - 1 fps when fog of war is on, maximum of 10 fps with everything off, 8 fps on average when moving units. You said older hardware yourself... : P

  • shinkan, It seems it would be very hard to draw that tilemap from a file.

    , Sadly that is out of scope Can you run some C2 game on that? Or well I get around 30 FPS on Firefox.

  • Katala yeah, it is a bit complicated... but one object is better then 1000

  • Firefox results



    core 2 duo T6600 2,2ghz

    4 gig ram

    64bit windows 8.1

    Ati mobility radeon HD4500

  • lennaert, Thanks a lot! While I hope things will get smoother when Chrome 33 comes. That fog of war effect seems quite taxing at the moment. Also that map tile count could be problem for some machines.

    It is not desired that you would need extremely up to date gaming machine to play a game that basically looks like Red alert 2 Still of course it is not possible to get that same performance, but at the moment it is not so excellent.

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  • The fog of war seems seems to be a definate culprit here.

    Can you try to make the fog none transparent ? (solid black where there is fog of war)

    I believe the transparency might be be pushing it some... not sure though

  • lennaert, Yes. That whole fog of war system was quite quikly slammed together and I was expecting it to be bad for performance. Also I should delete all 200 objects when FOW is disabled.

    Another thing. I figured out a system where I can create the map from 2 tilemaps. So it is 2 objects instead of 10000

  • Sweet, looking forward to it, should you make it public ^_^

  • lennaert, Not sure do you mean that tilemap system or this test. I still try to figure out the math to translate those mouse clicks to the path finder. It is a bit more complicated now then I upload a new test.

  • Okay, tested on my desktop:

    3 Ghz Intel Dual Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, a brand new spaking GeForce GTX650 - relatively stable framerate, slightly above 40 all the time when all of the features are enabled, sometimes dips below 40 when moving units, however in high 50s when the fog of war is turned off. Please note that this is done in a pretty high resolution of 1600x1050!

  • Katala, that system for the tile maps.

    I currently work with a sqaure, (in paintshop) rotated 45 deg, then resized to width: 100% height: 57%

    then I set snap to grid in construct 2 to half width and half height of the resulting tile, giving me a perfect snap to grid with isometic tiling by means of sprites

    Does require me to spawn/copy all the tiles ahead in the editor though.

    But works really smooth.

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