My Irrational Fear of Unicorns [GameJolt Entry]

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    Current Release: v1.2

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    My Irrational Fear of Unicorns is a 2D Adventure game which takes you on a journey in my shoes. My shoes being a tiny blue pixel on your screen, you see, the whole game uses a mixture of Retro-style graphics, while not retaining the mundane-ness and limitations of classic games. Instead, you will be doing a lot of things, none of them for long.

    The game will start off slow, and you may not see much FEAR but I promise you, it gets more of it as time goes by. Ouuu, a twist? ;)

    The game is a crazy throw-together piece of story I wrote for the heck of it, and doesn't go by any laws of reality, but is instead a crap-fest of story-writing genius!*

    *Actual content of genius may or may not exist.

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    I'd much rather get more plays on GameJolt, so if you're not too lazy, please download the game (HTML files actually) and play it HERE.

    Alternatively, you could play it in the Scirra Arcade!

    Click HERE to play in Scirra Arcade!

    NOTE: When loading online, you may be stuck on a black screen for awhile, its most likely pre-loading the music, so it'll take maybe a minute.

    More information on the GameJolt Page.

  • all three of your links goes to the same page, this page ;)

  • shinkan Thanks man! Fixed it :) Haha, this happens a lot here doesn't it!

  • Holding an arrow key allows me to glide over land! :P

    (Also, I can move around during the cutscene of the unicorn. When he runs away, I use the arrow keys to push him backwards)

    Edit: Also, during the "I'm a talking unicorn" cutscene, I jumped and the unicorn flew into space! :P

  • That was great Rory, noticed the same thing as Zero6 in the intro (it kind of adds to the randomness). Maybe you should disable default controls if you want the player to use A and D to walk.

    I laughed when I reached the cave of truth, that was well done :)

    The whole time I was playing I couldnt stop thinking of that robot chicken skit. "Commmmmooooonnnnnnn Chhhaarrrrlliieeeeee....."

    Best of luck in the competition mate.

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  • Zero6 Gliding is silly and for fun, left it in for those who get a kick from it xD

    Damn, thanks for that. I gave the unicorns AI after I did the cutscenes, forgot to disable them.

    GenkiGenga thanks for the feedback and best wishes, I'm glad my ignorance in bug fixing added to the gameplay for you! I didn't disable it? Damn..

    The cave of truth was the focus I had in mind the whole time! This game definitely has some charlie the unicorn influence, though I didn't intend initially!

  • The Cave of Truth reveal was excellent, although the whole game has a bit of an Adult Swim tone to it (that's a compliment).

    As a non-gampeplay related aside, I like your style for the trees. They look a little Monkey Island-esque and suggest to me another whole visual style locked away that you can maybe bust out for another game.

    Nice work, dude.

  • boybokeh Thank you for the compliments! I'm glad you thought that way, I enjoy weird, twisted humor and had fun writing and making out this short!

    I drew everything in the game in Photoshop on urges and random bursts of ideas! The tree was one of those random decisions I made, glad it worked out! I'll definitely be creating many more games after this and I'll consider using that as a base for my style for the next one :) Once again, thank you!

  • Haha it's pretty fun! Good job! REALLY good job maked me laugh.

  • Aww, Thanks devMidgard, and I'm glad it did!

    In all randomness, I like your 777 Rep!

    Today must be your lucky day.

  • Yeah, I'm definitely interested in any work.

    You can contact me personally through PM here since I'm so active or drop me a email in my work inbox if you have any job offers.

    However, I do have a lot of freelance at hand now, so I might need to hold off a little till the end of this month!

    Also, something that caught my eye just made me a very happy guy!

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Rory Maybe, I don't think so.

    Have you think to give a chance to, uploading your game?

    <img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0" align="middle" />, 779 now :(

  • devMidgard Haha, you luck has ended.

    Anyway, I did consider. I was halfway uploading it when I decided not to.. At this point of time, I don't feel that has much to offer to this game. I really love it, but since I didn't use any of's api stuff, I don't see much benefits other than a small amount of traffic!

    Any other reason I should be considering I'm afraid I might be missing something..

  • Uploaded a new version with bug fixes everyone here and on GameJolt reported. Hopefully I didn't miss too much! (Don't know when the new version will be approved though, or whether it already has been)

  • Uploaded Version 1.2 which fixes the silly bug where you don't die when you fall into the hole at the horror level. Also made the final boss tougher!

    Almost 1k Plays!

    Click HERE to play!

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