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  • Hello,

    I am creating a game for the android market called iQ++ Mind Games. I've tested it fully on my own devices and I could now use some feedback. It's built to run on tablets or phones, if people could please try it out and leave some feedback. Any suggestions, criticisms, or questions would be much appreciated. Also, please let me know what device and android version you used and whether the game worked well or was bugged.

    To download the game please use this dropbox link from inside your android device:

    I built it using C2 and compiled with cocoonjs.

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  • Nice bleak, i have try your game on my low-end Android smartphone, Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 with OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

    For full specs of my smartphone, please check :)

    My review for this game:

    -Launch time is so long enough, approximately 5-10 seconds.

    -Main Menu have a blank/white screen in right side (maybe problem with full screen setting)

    -Nice game to test my bounce prediction and memory of shape and color (this 2 main gameplay on this game ^^)

    -No SFX/BGM at all ( i hope for the next update ^^|)

    -Nice html5 porting quality especially because my device is low end Android with QVGA Screen Size.

    Emm Bleak, can you share HTML5 version of this game?

    I want to compare quality between Original HTML5 version and Android Porting version.

    Anyway, congratulations for your Android game :)

    This is one of my screenshot when playing this game.

    I have just reached level 11 on Memory Shape game >.<

    <center><img src="" border="0"></center>

    or in this link (if bbcode not appear)

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Cheers ^^

  • Thanks very much for testing kenli.

    I wasn't sure if people would actually want SFX or BGM in this game. I'm hoping to get some more opinions on that from more testers before I decide whether to go ahead and add BGM.

    I'll have to do some research to see if there is a way I can stop the game from aligning to the left, it's an annoying bug lol.

    Here is the link for the html5 copy:

    Thanks again for testing and for giving such a thorough review.

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