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  • Pigs in the Oven is an Action Puzzle game with virtually endless gameplay. It's designed to be enjoyed in short sessions while waiting and at that I think it excels, it has an almost

    hypnotic quality to it and it's easy to get sucked into it trying to beat your score.

    Soon available for Android!

    Windows Store

    App Store

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    Made with Construct 2 - Wrapped in Ejecta.

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  • Seems Neat !

    Nice job !

  • I'd love to hear about the extra stuff you had to do to get it working smoothly .

  • Sorry guys but this project has been discontinued. I'm converting it to native code because the performance simply wasn't there. I'll keep using constrcut2 for prototyping but not in production (at least until webGL gets supported on mobile webviews).

    I will probably release 3 plugins that I made along the way (GameCenter, iAP and low latency sounds) but don't hold your breath.

    Thank you for all the help I received during these months.

  • Thanks to the magic of Ejecta Pigs in the Oven is GO!

    Will initially release on iPhone, then as soon as some memory issue will be fixed for iPad, then Android.

    Stay tuned for more news and a teaser video coming in the next days.

    Meanwhile if you want like the page to be updated to the latest news.


    So excited!

  • what exactly do you mean by "magic of Ejecta"? could you tell me more? because i'm making a game for iPad devices and i too got some issues with performance.

  • Added brand new teaser trailer: youtube.com/watch


    philx Ejecta is what Cocoon should've been, it works great and it increases speed tenfold. On retina iPads though, the way sprites are being handled can create problems with large games for memory exhaustion. That's why I released for iPhone only initially, I think these issues will be soon ironed out, just be aware of them.

    Next week after some well deserved rest I'll publish the complete plugin which will include Game Center, iAP some native Ejecta function and the Exporter.

    Meanwhile you can start here.

  • Pigs in the Oven has been approved this morning and is live on the App Store!

  • Game now released on Windows Store (Windows 8) it's free!

    Windows Store

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