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  • Hey everyone, 2015 is already shaping up to be a great year, my latest creation is ARGH-P-G (formerly dungeon tactics), made in 5 days for #30daydev.

    It's a fast-paced dungeon crawler, so if you're into bashing monsters, running round a lot then this game is for you! Looking for some solid feedback people to help with future development

    Click the image below to play on Game Jolt

    OR point your tablet to

  • And again..... this name is really catchy haha Need to play it as soon as I´m home.

    The graphics are from Scirra store right?

  • Hey Beaver what device/s do you have? looking for testers on Mac or Linux.

    Yeah they are indeed. Very happy with them, bought both packs, made a massive difference to dev time

  • Hey Liam, I have Apple devices if you're still looking for someone to help test, etc. Let me know...

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  • Hey KBayer sorry for the delay in response. you can download a mac copy for testing from no cost necessary. Thanks would appreciate you checking it out.

  • Just uploaded a video of ARGH-P-G in action.

    Lots of new changes in v1.149 including fullscreen mode, new monster, more tactics, increased difficulty, loads more bug fixes and more

    Play at

  • I had played it when you just put it up here, not sure when the big red buttons for movement popped up, but these are much better.

    It's obviously a question of taste, but I feel as if something is missing - it's all quite slow and you seem to just move from level to level, etc. I wish there was some more interaction to it. Be it like a minigame (a slider for attacks that moves side-to-side that you need to tap for normal, bad or awesome attack) or, for example, quick taps to disarm traps, etc. Perhaps falling floors where the room starts to tremble and you need to back off quickly. That would help avoid a certain "tap tap tap tap tap yawn tap tap tap" style of gameplay that seems to be coming up (at least for the initial teen levels that I had tried).

  • Thanks Somebody this is why I've released it free on the web to get feedback. I've lots of plans for it, just wanted to establish a good base, before I venture any further into development.

    Great suggestions too will give them some thought when I plan my next move. Thank you.

  • Hey Liam, I was able to download the app on my Mac...plays fine (just like the web version). I will play a little more and give more feedback on game play, but I think it's pretty cool.

  • Thanks really appreciate that One of the testers rates using the trackpad? not being a mac user I'm not sure if it comes with or not. But he said it's like it was designed for it. Totally fluke of course lol.

    Big plans going forward.

  • thank you for sharing

  • Hey Liam, I don't have a track pad so I cannot help in that area...sorry.

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