Interstellar Bubble Romp (Under Developement)

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  • Hello, I've been working on a game on my free time for about a month or so. Been trying to share it to get some feedback on it, so here is probably a good place to start. Also looking for any tips on getting it to work on mobile devices.

    The name of the game is Interstellar Bubble Romp. Basically it's match three type game with a few different game modes I've added so far.

    You can try it out at or at

    The game is still under development and I plan on adding more features.

    If you like it there is also a facebook page I made you can follow or share with your friends

    Just updated the game with new game play modes. There are now 4 playable modes.

    Turns only:

    Each move of a bubble costs a turn, and when your turns run out the game ends.

    Time only:

    A timed game similar to turns only. When your time runs out it's game over.

    Timed turns:

    A little different than the others. Each turn lasts a certain amount of time and you must frantically try and make as many matches as possible until the timer runs out. Once the timer hits zero, the turn is done and the game pops all of the matches you made.

    Survival mode:

    Similar to time only, except with a twist. You start with less time and must try to gain time by scoring as many points as possible.


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