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  • Even though we have no application in English, as we have no developer writing correctly in this language very quickly offer our applications also in English.

    To inform them about our project, we use the Google translator, so I appreciate your understanding if not understood correctly the information, but the only thing we wish to convey our project in a good way.

    Had previously worked as a developer for the PSP platform and one of his titles was Virtuabbo, a social game that reminded us of'' The Sims'' in which we could also, chat with users from around the world including online interactions.

    After the abandonment of the PSP platform, the development team was focused on web applications for other platforms, currently arriving today to stand in Chrome and Firefox OS.

    Thanks to the new operating system that prepares Firefox, Interactive Contact utilized as the distribution medium Firefox MarketPlace and its applications and games will be available for both Firefox web browsers like Firefox phones OS or Android OS.

    And thanks to this type of distribution, even if it allows web applications, can be purchased in a format that is installed and not need an internet connection to run, and staying in our own device.

    Currently, since she does not come to our country to this operating system, Chrome uses Interactive Contact Store only as a means of distributing their applications and are now available on the demo version of the first game,'' Adventure'' Luxor.

    Contact Interactive uses the HTML5 programming language to develop applications and games.

    Luxor is also available for mobile phones with Android OS and Firefox.

    In Luxor, the player must use to find disordered blocks around the screen to build a safe path for our character, Luxor.

    We will create a safe route to avoid falling into the clutches of different enemies that we will find in each level, or is not falling.

    The DEMO version available now, features 2 levels shows to go seeing what the game is going to offer.

    Mainly it is a puzzle-platform game in which you have to use our ingenuity and a lot of fun with the time.

    The full version of Luxor, will be available on April 1, 2013 in Chrome Store, and you can enjoy it later also for our Android phones or Firefox OS in the future.

    Interactive Contacta prepares much news, not only for mobile platforms as they are excited about web development for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and that seems a very good option for the future.

    Some of the functions that prepare for future applications and games are able to interact with our webcam, something that is not new in a video game, but if a web game.

    Have given the name of Eye Go! a function that will increase in future applications and games for example, to control the character's movement with our movement in the camera, face recognition options or use the room in which we find ourselves as the setting for a game.

    Eye Go! so far only developed is designed to increase in applications and games for Chrome and Firefox browsers, but do not rule out the possibility of increasing also to mobile devices.

    Are also developing a messaging application in which you can chat with users around the world, which has yet to be given a name for it and Go my photo!, The latter will help us edit our pictures with different effects, transitions ...

    Interactive Contacta wants to give users useful applications, fast, innovative and effective, and above all fun in their games.

    Very soon we will know everything prepared, it still is not much, but it promises to be.

    -Ad Luxor Video Youtube:

    -Ad Interactive Contacta Video Youtube:

    Website official:

    Download demo of Luxor from Chrome Web Store:

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    1. I like the animations in Luxor. Looks fun!

      Buena suerte con su proyecto! (via google translate<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />)

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    3. Tiene muy buena pinta <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

      �Es agradable leer a alguien en espa�ol, je je je!

      �Suerte y a seguir asi!


      Looks very nice <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

      Is good read some spanish here!

      Good luck!

    4. Video AD Interactive Contacta 2013:

      For more information about all we're preparing you can enter our official blog.

      Thank you very much to all for your support, your interest without any development would be possible.

    5. For technical reasons, the demo version has been updated since it contained an error, the link above to download in Google Chrome Web Store is no longer functional, please using the following link to download:

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