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  • So far I've created a lot of software using Construct 2. Here are three recent notable examples.

    The first one is called Report Management Client (RMC).

    This is custom-designed to generate insurance reports for a specific technology company.

    It features a login screen (with encryption), the ability to change passwords, PDF/XFDF writing and full form validation. It also has the ability to load listbox values from a set of file/folder pairs. This makes it highly customisable and allows service personnel to modify it simply by dropping files into a folder.

    Simply put, a service representative logs in with their ID and then proceeds to fill out the form.

    Once it's filled out, it is saved with a recognisable filename (+ entropy), then automatically opened in a PDF reader for printing out to the customer. This project took a few months to complete.

    Some challenges included saving the files without a confirmation dialog, and using regular expressions for validation.

    Here are some screencaps:

    Some sensitive info blanked out in this one, but you get the idea:

    The second piece of software is a tool I wrote over a day or two for personal use.

    I work as a graphic designer and I've noticed that I'm rather lazy - so much so that I'll take massive breaks in between working for clients. I figured instead of manually typing into Notepad the breaks I take and such, why not create a program which will make it easy for me to log exactly how long I've worked?

    So I made this.

    24-hour time values are entered down the bottom and once two are added, the program starts adding the next one to the next line. As they are added, it keeps track of the exact time I've worked and also calculates how much I'm charging, based of a rate (default $33.33/h).

    Once 'Done' is clicked, it creates a custom invoice (PDF/XFDF), fills in all the values including Total, Rate, Hours and Date and allows me to save and print the invoice. Entropy is included filename in case I want to save more than one invoice per day without it overwriting the previous invoice.

    Some challenges included avoiding that annoying "" bug in Node-Webkit, and doing the whole Number -> decimal hour conversion thing. That had me pretty stumped, so thanks to R0J0hound for helping out with that.


    Lastly, the home automation app.

    I'll admit this isn't a full automation solution, but it does the job well.

    I recently purchased a Belkin Wemo Switch and connected it to the LED rope lighting I use in my room/office.

    At first I was pretty annoyed since the app Belkin has provided for this is terrible and unstable and upon further discovery, I found that the Wemo Switch uses SOAP or something for communication. Messy stuff to try and copy. Then I discovered this: LINK REMOVED

    Someone has apparently built a sort of server/abstraction layer which acts as a REST API instead of having to use Belkin's proprietary one. Perfect!

    The other downfall at Belkin's end was that they never built any software which allowed the Wemo to be controlled from a PC or Mac, so I set out to make one myself. This is what I came up with; Showtime.

    A small desktop app which would control my lighting for me. In accordance with the limited functionality that the Wemo hardware provides, my app enables control via a toggle button, or a countdown timer with on/off/toggle options. In addition, the app will turn the lights on when it starts, out of convenience.

    It also features an error message if a connection attempt fails more than 10 times consecutively, and will attempt to reconnect. The app comes bundled with the aformentioned REST abstraction/server and it will automatically launch the server, then kill the server when Showtime is exited.

    Here are some screens.


    When Showtime has been initialised and is ready:

    Countdown options

    And in case you're wondering, the little checkbox in the corner stands for Always on Top.

    Aaaanyway, while I can't provide that first program to anyone, shoot me a message if you want a copy of the second two. I'll even customise them for you if you want

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  • Awesome. it's cool to see someone thinking outside of the box of C2 as a "Game Maker". What is a game? What is a program? etc.

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